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To Mr. James Baldwin, With Love

image link Anmol is hosting dVerse this evening.  The topic tonight is privilege.  Anmol says: You can approach the idea of privilege in different ways. You can either seek inspiration from these poets and their poems or reflect upon your own privileges and share them through a tapestry of images and metaphors along with a… Continue reading To Mr. James Baldwin, With Love


Institutionalized soul murder. — Lucky Otters Haven

After watching Season 2 of "The Handmaid's Tale" and writing about it recently, when I read Lucky Otter's essay on totalitarianism and the trends of real life going on in relationship to it, I wanted to share it.  It's important we face where we are.  The title is apt. “If you’ve been following me for… Continue reading Institutionalized soul murder. — Lucky Otters Haven

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The Handmaid’s Tale — S2

I'm about to go watch E4.  Hey peeps for those of you who haven't watched this series, it gives me an icy chill up my spine.  It's probably how some people felt back in George Orwell's time when he wrote 1984, where they were thinking if we are not careful this is where we are… Continue reading The Handmaid’s Tale — S2

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Pete Davidson returns to standup, promptly rips Louis C.K. — Consequence of Sound

For anyone who has heard about the latest garbage CK pulled, Pete Davidson responds and is my new hero.  CK needs to get the --CK out of Dodge folks, and he can take perv freak Kevin Spacey with him. Louis C.K. may have forgotten how to be funny, but the same cannot be said for… Continue reading Pete Davidson returns to standup, promptly rips Louis C.K. — Consequence of Sound

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All Hail King Joffrey

https://youtu.be/I0tE6T-ecmg   All hail King Joffrey with plump rotten fruit All hail King Joffrey Small hands tight suit * World acclaim King Joffrey Broad mauler extraordinare World acclaim King Joffrey Bloated gut, combover hair * Bow down to King Joffrey For he holds the prize Bow down to King Joffrey Of world's bullies least wise… Continue reading All Hail King Joffrey

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hollowed halls

image link   The Word Challenge of the Day is shambles. Fandango's FOWC is treasure. Today's offering was inspired by Fandango's post today, which can be found here.   Halls of Learning where treasures that are young minds are shaped are in shambles Breaking the backs of the teacher's unions Privatizing all other school services… Continue reading hollowed halls

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Madame Godiva’s Tent

image link Summer was coming to an end. The carnival always arrived at this time of year. Jax and the other seniors had been waiting for it all week, and Friday was finally here. Jax & Li, Barry & Michelle, Brad & Angelina, and Ben & Jerry all met up at Jax' house, then caravaned… Continue reading Madame Godiva’s Tent

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That’s classified

Fandango's One-Word Challenge of the day is classified. I watched a 2017 documentary on Frank Serpico last night made in 2017. It's been over 45 years since he shook the NYPD and its network to the core. One of the standouts from the many things he said over this show was that it was never… Continue reading That’s classified

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FPQ #3 — on morality

image link Fandango gives us another provocative question. “Is morality objective or is it subjective? If you believe it’s objective, what is its source. If you believe it’s subjective, how do you know whose concept of morality is correct? From the crystal ball (google), one definition of morality is “principles concerning the distinction between right… Continue reading FPQ #3 — on morality

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IDFA Film Review: ‘Bellingcat – Truth in a Post-Truth World’ — Variety

This film review is worth reading wherever in the world you happen to be.  Seriously!   Remember when the words “breaking news” used to refer to the thrill of hearing about world events as they happened? These days, it has become the daily sport of autocrats and elected officials alike, who have realized that discrediting… Continue reading IDFA Film Review: ‘Bellingcat – Truth in a Post-Truth World’ — Variety