Chris Hedges on his latest book, “America: The Farewell Tour” — Rise Up Times

Here I am, sharing Chris Hedges, talking about his new book via a talk show with another very sharp gentleman. https://youtu.be/Aj1-47VqgOs Hedges: “I have children. I’m terrified.” via Chris Hedges on his latest book, “America: The Farewell Tour” — Rise Up Times

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Trumpism is a New Religion — petersironwood

Excellent essay that helps put Trumpism in context.  It was written back in 2017 but it is as relevant today as it was then.   (This blog post is a temporary departure from Schooled Haze and contemplations of AI/HCI). Trumpism is less a political offshoot of Republicanism than it is a new religion, at least… Continue reading Trumpism is a New Religion — petersironwood

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TV News is Lying to You?

I found this in the November 2019 issue of The Funny Times, which I've subscribed to for several years now. The Cleveland, Ohio-based political and general humor newspaper takes no advertising dollars and so it can print as it will without fear. I've come to implicitly trust the editors in what they choose to include… Continue reading TV News is Lying to You?

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The Age of Radical Evil, by Chris Hedges — Rise Up Times

I can't think of a better term for it than radical evil.  On a related note, my pandora radio has been acting up since my trip out of range this weekend, so I was forced to surf radio channels.  I happened across a talk radio conversation where a person with the most pitiful sounding voice… Continue reading The Age of Radical Evil, by Chris Hedges — Rise Up Times

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The Problem With Impeachment, by Chris Hedges — Rise Up Times

Every single person who has their eye on the impeachment consideration should read this.  Chris Hedges knows EXACTLY where we, as a nation, are at right now.  I can see where the slick puppetmasters would like to offer up the easy target of Trump and keep doing business as usual.  The Democrats are pushing Biden… Continue reading The Problem With Impeachment, by Chris Hedges — Rise Up Times

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#MM– Saturday Mix – Resist

  They came to take Assange away. Ecuadorian embassy. A small grey man in evil's grip. He cried out then, “You must resist” The overlords and keep speech free Darkness croaked it would have today Serve fifty weeks for skipping bail Dismissed charge from other country? Melting candles of freedom drip Manning, Snowden, who's the… Continue reading #MM– Saturday Mix – Resist

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #102

Reena is the host of Reena's Exploration Challenges.  Reena asks us to write to this short sentence: Public figures make us hate their enemies. I decided to deconstruct the sentence and took each word and gave it a working definition: Public = Out in the open figures = icons make = coerce us = a… Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #102

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image link   The week after second Tuesday in November 2020. The votes have been counted and reviewed, with all “inconsistent” votes flagged for deeper investigation. It doesn't matter. Cheeto won by a landslide. As Emperor Nero fiddled while Rome burned, Cheeto tweeted, “Need official way to sanctify my relection [sic]. New Christen [sic] flag… Continue reading Anti-Prophecy

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the cursed of the white house

The town hall clock struck midnight; ghouls clamored around the white house. The twelfth gong's peal faded away; creaking echoed into silent darkness as the front door opened. Fluorescent green accented a stout figure who clomped onto the raised porch, its shellacked pompadour rising in the night like an unholy erection, belying the lack of… Continue reading the cursed of the white house