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dVerse — Let Autumn Wait

It seems as though you are still summerby W.S. Merwin, from “To the Light of September” It seems as though you are still summeras dawn's pink flame melts crystal dewand winds dance with sunflowers. Live, green-infused canvasand pears unperfumed,you play to stay. Let autumnwait for us.       Image:  "Doe Under Pear Tree," taken… Continue reading dVerse — Let Autumn Wait

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Thursday Inspiration 43 — free foxes

Rex and Velma had known each other since birth, being born in cages next to each other at the fur farm. Back then they didn't have names, only plastic tags with numbers stapled into their ears the moment they left their mothers' wombs. Farmer John had fox farming down to a science, and kindness played… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 43 — free foxes

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Poetry Day 31 — One

Today's prompt, the final one for OctWriPoMo2018, is Endless. The form I chose is cinquain. It's been very satisfying writing a poem a day for this challenge. The picture with today's poem is one I drew based upon a dream I had not long ago. One Endless life death cycle arising, setting sun, joy and… Continue reading Poetry Day 31 — One

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Poetry Day 30 –it’s time to dance!

gif link Today's writing prompt for OctWriPo is:  "It's time to celebrate a job well done, a love won, the turning of the sun. Write about that exuberant feeling you get whenever you are happy, that feeling that makes you feel like dancing whether it's on the earth or the moon!"  The suggested form today… Continue reading Poetry Day 30 –it’s time to dance!

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Poetry Day 29 — Dao & The 10,000 Things

image link Today's prompt is, "By the Number".  I like numbers and after working in the accounting field for awhile learned that they do speak their own language.  I thought about trying to do something on my lucky number 17 or something about hexagrams from the I Ching, but the number most important to me… Continue reading Poetry Day 29 — Dao & The 10,000 Things

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Poetry Day 28 — Splitting Herrs

image link Today's prompt is "Split in Two", with... a dilemma. A split path. A difficult choice. Maybe even a chasm or schism... the notion of 'splitting hairs'...  The suggested form is the "Anglo-Saxon Riddle".  In a way today's offering covers those bases but not exactly.  It is indeed *about* an Anglo-Saxon riddle and it… Continue reading Poetry Day 28 — Splitting Herrs

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Poetry Day 27 — Nightwings

The prompt for today is:  What Color Is It?   Select a random noun. When you see an image of this person/place/thing, what color is it? Brainstorm the different ways the color can be described. Write a poem to help us see something in color through your eyes. Use an appropriately sourced and credited image of… Continue reading Poetry Day 27 — Nightwings

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d’Verse Sonnet

image link This is a French Sonnet with 14 lines iambic hexameter of 12 syllables, with a rhyme scheme of aabb ccdd eeff gg. The sonnet is inspired by one of my favorite Pearl Jam songs, Crazy Mary. In the song, the family comes upon Crazy Mary after she's already an adult. The story told… Continue reading d’Verse Sonnet

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Poetry Day 25 — Bride’s Revenge

image link Today's prompt is "door swings both ways" and the suggested form is triquain .   Swinging door made me think saloon.  The following is a "triquain chain".   swinging door midnight, Rosie's Saloon sauntering in, looking for trouble chorus of chairs screech back, bartender grabs shotgun even the girls pause to look, then run… Continue reading Poetry Day 25 — Bride’s Revenge

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Poetry Day 24 — kedi

“Dogs think people are God, but cats don't. Cats are aware of God's existence. Cats know that people act as middlemen to God's will. They're not ungrateful, they just know better.” – unnamed Instanbul resident in the film, kedi "kedi" (2016) is a documentary by Ceyda Torun. The blurb at imdb describes it as, “A… Continue reading Poetry Day 24 — kedi