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dVerse — haibun — day schemes, moon dreams

  As Autumn weather cools things down in the Northern hemisphere, woodpeckers get ravenous and attack the silent suet cakes with increased vigor. Unfortunately, their enthusiasm has been more keen than usual this year as they look for tasty snacks they imagine are hiding in the wood siding of the house. They may be doing… Continue reading dVerse — haibun — day schemes, moon dreams

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#Haikai Challenge #156: new coolness (shinryoo)

Mama leads five jakesDawdled pecking crosst the roadPapa follows, lookoutAutumn's new coolness arrivesWarm feathered huddles in night trees   This morning on my trip to the library, I waited and watched a family of turkeys crossing the road. It seems a little late for jakes, but what do I know. Note: Adult male turkeys are… Continue reading #Haikai Challenge #156: new coolness (shinryoo)

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dVerse — prosery — Night Feeders

In their dreams they sleep with the moon.--From Mary Oliver, “Death at Wind River” Once pampered, now refugees, at dawn they slink in grimy, forgotten shadows of Oldtown to their den until dusk falls. Their fortress is woven with plastic, glass, and metal discarded by the giver-of-treats who will never again pet their once-luxurious fur.… Continue reading dVerse — prosery — Night Feeders

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Haikai Challenge #152: katydid (kirigirisu) — Katydid serenade

Grass-coated crickets serenade late August's moon – silver ears listen. https://youtu.be/TjM9tZE_bDg   image link here Frank J. Tassone is the host of Haikai Challenge.  Frank says: This week, write the haikai poem of your choice (haiku, senryu, haibun, tanka, haiga, renga, etc.) that alludes to the katydid (kirigirisu).

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Doodads — road trip — Felt Mansion

Yesterday I took a road trip to The Felt Mansion.  Although I had JUST put new batteries in the camera, AND the camera was a trooper until the end of my walk around the property, when I looked at the pictures, only 25% or so showed up.  This is a major disappointment because most of… Continue reading Doodads — road trip — Felt Mansion

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What do you see # 41 — Orphan’s lament

  Mama and I one sunny afternoon were climbing in the branches of the pomegranate tree and savoring the sweet juicy fruit when we heard a rustling in the bushes below. Mama carried me on her back to a higher limb and put me on a thick part where I could cling and gave me… Continue reading What do you see # 41 — Orphan’s lament

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dVerse — meet the bar — Late Summer in West Michigan

  kingfishers eat well as ponds shrink and minnows swarm -- cicada's sing   duckweed and lotus leaf blankets bob in the wind -- turtles sun on logs   wrens eat water oats growing amongst late lilies – ants climb sturdy stalks   sunset colors leave moonrise against silhouettes – river frog kerplops   morning… Continue reading dVerse — meet the bar — Late Summer in West Michigan

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dVerse — poetics — Dragonfly Army

  Chaotic squadrons of primary-colored, glass-wings reconnaissance before the mower. Flairful acrobatic killer drones with bulb-eyed precision nab mid-flight mosquitoes. On leave, they dust daisies and drink honeydew from ant farms on hollyhock stalks. They bivouac on cattails under luna's night watchful eyes.     https://youtu.be/AoUeRgfkmuI   Laura Bloomsbury is today's host at dVerse.  Laura… Continue reading dVerse — poetics — Dragonfly Army

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What do you see # 39 — Vermin

Voraciously consuming as much and as quickly as I can. Everything is fair game for my appetite. Regrets? I don't know the meaning of the word. Me me me; I'm the center of attention, Instinctively and incorrigibly driven to dominate. Never going to stop. One of us will fall. Humans or Earth. Sadje is the… Continue reading What do you see # 39 — Vermin