short story · Word of the Day Challenge


The familiar sound of mail being dropped through the postal slot caught Chauncey's bat-like ears. He jumped up and scurried across the wooden floors, his nails skittering like human fingers tapping on a keyboard, towards the door. Sniffing the mail, he then bee-lined it for the couch, leaping like the natural athlete he is, to… Continue reading Listless

movie review · Word of the Day Challenge

Castigation in Film

Today's word of the day is castigation, which M-W defines as, "to subject to severe punishment, reproof, or criticism".  In a bit of synchronicity, I watched a library loan movie, "Force Majeure" (2014), aka "Turist", last night, which is a meticulous study of castigation.  Imdb gives the minimal description, "A family vacationing in the French… Continue reading Castigation in Film

art · Word of the Day Challenge

Examples of Finesse

image link -- Henri Matisse's, "Nude in a White Turban"   threading a needle while riding a bike * playing jenga on a unicycle * starting a fire on a first try * successful sourdough rise in mid-winter * getting hardboiled eggshell off in less than 10 seconds * tying a shoelace with one hand… Continue reading Examples of Finesse

blitz · poetry · Word of the Day Challenge

Tacky or Silk?

image link Today's offering is a blitz poem , which is where you pretty much do stream of consciousness.  Usually I do these with no real idea in mind of where it is going.  Today's is different in that I kept the word of the day challenge -- tactile in mind  while writing it.  This… Continue reading Tacky or Silk?

nature · poetry · rondeau · Word of the Day Challenge

First Snow

We had our first snow today.  I've been sitting here and looking at it all day.  Birds fly past, heading to and from the bird feeders.  The occasional hawk comes into view.  Today's offering is in the form of a rondeau .   Snow's arrival to the season turns the air from cold to freezin'… Continue reading First Snow

family · poetry · Word of the Day Challenge


image link The world of social services, neglect/abuse cases, family courts, has a term for individuals who aren't biological family but act in the same capacity as family. The term is fictive kin. When children (using children here but it could be one child) are removed from their biological parent(s) for allegations/substantiations of abuse/neglect, often… Continue reading kin(d)

poetry · Word of the Day Challenge


image link I did some wordplay on this one, but a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do.   Heard last night D got shot Walking down the street They aimed for J D got in the way One more off their feet I heard it was G, A said straight up Don't wanna… Continue reading Effigy

politics · Word of the Day Challenge


image link OK, time to get myself together and get out there and VOTE.  So much is at stake in Michigan elections, especially with the governor's race.  We have had slimeball for awhile but his term limits are up.  We had a GREAT contender in the primaries, Abdul El-Sayed , but he lost the Democratic… Continue reading pendulum

Boss · Word of the Day Challenge

Adventure with Boss

Boss walked to the entrance to my cubicle, standing there in his $2,000 suit, hands on hips, stating I needed to come to his office immediately. “Just let me finish this e-mail to admin, and I'll be right there.” “I guess you don't understand the word immediately?” Click, I hit send on the email and… Continue reading Adventure with Boss