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When one goes to the carnival, they envision spending a few hours, or perhaps a day, enjoying the wondrous rides, food, and other attractions.  The Word of the Day fit right in with a book I recently borrowed from the local library,  Midwest Marvels: roadside attractions across Iowa, Minnesota, the Dakotas, and Wisconsin Thinking about… Continue reading Carnival

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At 60

image link At 60 * Every morning, for 42 years, his coffee waits, steaming. Every night, dinner, hot, waiting on dining room table. Every bedtime, she lies, motionless, while above her he thrusts and grunts. * 42 years ago, her mother was a living icon to how it's done Hours before the vows, she gave… Continue reading At 60

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image link, by Vector-Brony Goddess called a contest for most Exemplary Bird to represent all types. Not a peep was heard How and why would Goddess ever do such a thing? As each bird is exemplary With or without their sing. How could she choose which one of them all was the best to choose… Continue reading Exemplary

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This year I participated in our local library's first ever implementation of a seed bank. They took those gorgeous wooden cabinets that held the cards people could use to find books and now use a computer screen instead and turned it into being a keeper of seed packets. They communicated with heirloom seed companies and… Continue reading Gloss

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image link Sister sun, in her unwitting benevolence, sends waves to us. Her gifts travel years, until they reach our outstretched arms. We welcome her bountiful strands of liquid gold, take them into our bodies, now shining, verdant; breathless, as we exhale to share our gifts with the world. word of the day link

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image link An orange billboard, festooned with strands of yellow straw, designed to swivel on a point greased with rancid lard. Gaslighter * He tweets it out at night The mean and callous type Something's new, always different from before. Judging and spinning Ooh, maga's cheer and lefties running for the door He flips the… Continue reading Gaslighter