Ringing in 2022 — Ding Dong Ding Dong by George Harrison

image link And here we are, at the end of another year.  Please enjoy this George Harrison ear worm.  The video is entertaining as well.

New Year’s Prayer for 2022

photo taken at my massage therapist’s office December 2021 When the day comes where soldiers do yoga instead of killing we may at last heave a sigh of relief: peace on earth.

Doodads — Big Christmas Trees 2021

This year two neighbors not too far from here decided to light up the trees in their front yards with lights.  It’s taken me this long to finally get pictures of them.  I stopped on my way to the library and snapped them.  Again, the new phone comes through for me with the night setting…

Shay’s Word Garden Word List #6 (Laura Marling)

“Dust in the Wind,” by Kent Whitaker Entombed between bullshit and holy ring mantras soft with the peculiar dust of the wounded. Their blues scour the bell of my soul with their red sand. Shay is the host of Shay’s Word Garden.  Shay says: Hi everyone, it’s me with your weekly word list poetry prompt….

#FF — Extinguished?

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson Harriet’s likeness plasters across multi-media. Dull red surveillance bubbles glow like holiday lights with promises of detection. Capture. Torture. How will we effect an escape for our guiding beacon? “Mama always says, ‘Hide in plain sight’ “ Harriet leads with old wisdom. We hatch a plan. Our pigeons spread word….

jar + water + light = night magic

I keep a mason jar with water at my bedside to fill the vaporizer with in winter.  I also have gotten used to using a small low-watt led light as a hand-held night light as I go through my bedtime ritual of turning on the fan, filling the vaporizer, lighting incense, turning on the heating…