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delicious faux ground beef (long post)

I grew up in a household that believed if a meal didn't have meat or an animal product as part of it, it wasn't a real meal. I never questioned the practice and other than liver and onions (and rabbit, even though it did taste good when I was forced by my grandpa to eat… Continue reading delicious faux ground beef (long post)

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#MM — Tale Weaver — blind

It took him ten years to condition her, to bend her to his will. Like a metal worker bending a straight pipe, it was a thousand small strikes to her core self until he had her trained. She learned when he raised his left eyebrow it meant be still. If he slammed the door in… Continue reading #MM — Tale Weaver — blind

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #120 — teaching through…

Every person who writes and shares their writing with others is selling a point of view, so in that sense, every blogger/author/social media poster is well-versed in rhetoric. Rhetoric isn't new. It's been around since before the written word, when prehistoric humans sat around fires and told stories. I wonder if hieroglyphs on cave walls… Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #120 — teaching through…

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Thursday Inspiration 41 — the sounds of color

He arrived to pick her up in a white sport coat with a pink carnation. She was a devil in a blue dress. His brown eyes met her hazel eyes. Fireworks bloomed in the dusky rose sunset. He took her by the elbow and led her to his pink Cadillac, opened and closed her door… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 41 — the sounds of color

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dVerse — alliteration (assonance & consonance) — airborne

her wings opened slowly silent creaks needing oil midday sunset flames aglow black-framed confident flaps to fluttering now lifts, carried sideways tilting madly airborne Bjorn is today's host of dVerse.  Bjorn says: Today I would like you to try using different types of assonance and consonance in any poem of your choice. Try to listen… Continue reading dVerse — alliteration (assonance & consonance) — airborne


A Love Poetry Trilogy. Covers revealed!

Frank Prem has new books of poetry coming out this year. The first one can be in your hands by Valentines Day.

Frank Prem Poetry

It’s possibly not wise for me to do this, but I get very excited when I hit a milestone, and I think that has now happened.

I’ve finished the format work for ebooks and paperbacks of the 3 books in A Love Poetry Trilogy, and am starting to schedule the releases.

That doesn’t mean that the contents are finalised – there is still content editing to be done, but the size and shape and look of the three collections is set now.

Walk Away Silver Heart is set for 14th February (Valentine’s Day) and can be pre-ordered now.

A Kiss For The Worthy has just been uploaded to Kindle and will be available for pre-order shortly, with a 3oth April release date.

Rescue and Redemption hasn’t been uploaded yet, but I’m aiming for 30th June release date.

The paperbacks will be released a month after the e-books.

I’m very…

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Nature’s Medicine — Essential Oils

Last night I attended a lecture from an expert in essential oils and learned quite a bit; enough to know I'm going to start using them for aromatherapy and for medicinal purposes. Each participant concocted a small cobalt blue glass spritzer bottle of a refreshing combination of tea tree oil, lavender oil, and orange oil,… Continue reading Nature’s Medicine — Essential Oils

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#FF — This will be the last time.

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson Merriam reluctantly allowed Bud, her less-than-ambitious boyfriend, to take her car during the day while she worked. In the afternoons she waited in the park across the street for him to pick her up at 3:05 p.m . A few minutes late wasn't bad, but every day Bud was a… Continue reading #FF — This will be the last time.

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What do you see? 14 — Them

They had everyone fooled. Their methods of mimicry were inferior to none. They even fooled the most astute scientists and food engineers who studied them under microscopes and in test tubes. An untold number of photographers had taken their images and pasted them on magazine covers, inside naturalist tomes, and on every social media forum.… Continue reading What do you see? 14 — Them

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dVerse — dreamland

Dreams are messages from home. --Clarissa Pinkola-Estes Vines string the pathway of Ethereal mist day, softened Songs of gentian butterflies Silvery wings of faeries Enormous sunflowers Lily pads; leaping leopard frogs Ogling bunnies with twitchy noses Fine fern fronds fondle furry ears Yarrow sway with rose mallow On a spongy marsh ledging Umbrellas glide, held… Continue reading dVerse — dreamland