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dVerse — haibun — dunewater

For those of us who live along the western edge of Michigan, the lake is in our back yards. I’ve never lived more than five miles from the lake (for long) as the water pulls me to it. Beyond the water though, the sand dunes act as both a buffer to any weather that comes…

Doodads — Christmas in August

 The first photo shows the latest batches of Pink Brandywine tomatoes picked, ripening on and near the eastern window ledge. I set one on a saucer so you can see how big they are. They are meaty tomatoes that do not cook into mush when used. This is the first year I’ve planted them outside…

dVerse — verbify — motioning

  coffeeing sips early miling fall tomatoing depeppering plants deadheading pinks watering dusts due to hoarding clouds sweating, drained, chickadeed, jaying, unseeded lazying, jungled and joking unhumusing compost unrelaxed incenser     Björn is today’s host for dVerse. Björn says: Verbing is a great tool that can also be a tool for imagery and metaphors….

#FF — Still we dance

Neither machines nor prophecies warned us. It’s been two centuries since Earth suffered a decade of pelting by radioactive rubble from an exploded sun. During the first months, humans dug underground habitations – and that’s where we’ve stayed. Most surface life that wasn’t allowed in or able to survive died out. The rest adapted like…

dVerse — Poetics — Night Harvest

Night Harvest Farmer neighbors join hands, bringing in the sheaves under a wheat moon while babies curl in baskets dreaming of milky warm breasts     image:  “The Harvest Moon,” by Samuel Palmer (1805-1881) Rosemarie Gonzales is today’s host at dVerse.  Rosemarie says: Write a poem about or with “wheat” and its possible variations.