Slimverse series 041821

drawn eyebrows lift an eye smile at the vax clinic the kleenex rolled twixt my boobs forms a tissue pearl M’s her name my newborn granddaughter rose pudge cheeks express lane bird feeder one hop shop next in sky pad soft but not enough frogs plop just out of sight green shoulders along the cracked…

dVerse — Poetics — out to dry

shirt arms flapsignal helpcool lips siptea and watch       towels snapracing windhard fiberson smooth skin dainties blushnear jock strapson the line still strangers oh cee deelines them up,fresh, clean, andclipped just-so birds choose whichclean target to dive-bombone load per the two catssuperviseto make surethey’re hung right   image link De Jackson (aka whimsygizmo) is today’s dVerse…

slimverse — Spring!

I’m greeningwith the grass,singing withthe birds — Spring!     Wind at playtinkles chimes;blows awayempty husks.     Bare lilactwigs sprout buds;transplanteesmiles with sun.     dwarf lilac transplanted to a better place last year.  photo taken 032121 Lillian is today’s host for dVerse’ Open Link Night.  Am linking this up for it.

slimverse series — I Got Shot

  I got shottoday. NowI wait foranother. After that anotherwait, and thenI’ll take flight. Landing ata coffee shop, I’ll roost,sip, and smile.