tanka — spring willow hula

Tender willow fronds hula in early May’s warm breeze. Birds sing their hearts out; confirm to each listener: I’m happy to be alive!

Tanka — Witch Hazels’ Spring Gathering

Ten Hazels draw close in a loose circle, waiting for moonlight’s soft spell; silver bark sprouts white tendrils who search for kin in the dark. I ordered ten witch hazel bare root shrubs over a month ago as part of a fundraiser annual plant sale for the local conservation club.  I picked them up on…

Mourning Dove Solstice (tanka)

Mourning doves snugglein boughs of soft pine needles —bedtime comes early.Solstice soft moonlight gleams onfluffed feathers and diamond white.   top image linkbottom image link

Ghost flowers (tanka)

“Blue Moon Lotus,” by Kate Hungerford Ghost flowers twinkle in my silvered wake; luna’s reign gleams soft yet bright; almost home, I pause and raise a jug, toasting her tethered stars. I learned today that some white water lilies bloom at night and are called ghost flowers.

Larix decidua ‘Pendula’ / Weeping European larch and dVerse OLN

Rising from the soil as Kun rises from water a green furred dragon. Brown scales gleam when she rests, as heaven’s grace flows to and fro. Lillian is today’s host of dVerse’ Open Link Night. One of my old co-workers in the juvenile probation officer job ended up leaving and putting his teaching degree to…