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Coloring Club Plus (collage) — 10/13/19

I've made many collages with nothing in mind and let them build themselves and many where I had a specific concept in mind. Today's collage is the first one I've put together while listening to music. Mitski is my debut music collage, and I think it turned out well as far as symbolizing what her… Continue reading Coloring Club Plus (collage) — 10/13/19

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OctPoWriMo2019 Day 12 — black — Prince Whom Darkness Prints

  Prince Whom Darkness Prints Globe that twists and swirls the depths of globe Needle thrusts at heaven – dark's needle. Wheedle built from Hell's dev'lish wheedle Trove of darkness cached as treasure trove Wasted hungry fish, starved, thin-waisted Needs to consume light of life; black needs Freed shadow bites eats bleeds, evil freed Tastes… Continue reading OctPoWriMo2019 Day 12 — black — Prince Whom Darkness Prints

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dVerse — poetic pop art — Big Hair

Center stage “Here's looking at you, kid.”* See me -- I'm watching you To see you watching My blonde tentacles I want to reach you See red lust and green envy In your eyes I want you to want to be me My luscious lips fill the void In your world of pink butterflies I… Continue reading dVerse — poetic pop art — Big Hair

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Collage — Big Hair

Kerfe's been encouraging me to get back to my artwork.  My primary medium is 5" x 8" paper collage.  I pulled out the magazine clippings tonight.  Usually it takes a long time to find the right images to go together, but tonight, these picked themselves.  I took a pic with the phone camera as usual,… Continue reading Collage — Big Hair

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Day 26 — OctWriPoMo — Medusa and the Whistle

The photo collage was made in 2013. Medusa and the Whistle   If this head could talk, what would it say? Game on? Try me? Don’t get in my way? ~ ~ ~ If snakes break free, What would they do? Would they bite? Hiss? Would they chew? ~ ~ ~ ~ Gold board set,… Continue reading Day 26 — OctWriPoMo — Medusa and the Whistle

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The Circus, by Albina Felski

You can regard The Circus, by Canadian-born artist Albina Felski, as a collage.  It's a very rich one.  Ironically, I came across a photo of this magnificent work of art while cutting images out of magazines for my own collage creations.  This one was in Smithsonian Magazine I think.  I was compelled to search the… Continue reading The Circus, by Albina Felski