POPO2022 Day 28 — sun, rainbow clouds, burning legs

when things go wacky, light and dark harp they’re the same, ask, “are we there yet?” when things go wacky surreal cracks; flaming thighs grasp spiked faces balloon light and dark the same? rainbows blight to bloated corpse revelations dance ask, “are we there yet?” perhaps lurched beyond return? beg grace from cloud’s silver

POPO2022 Day 27 — shelf fungus

beware this kingdom stacked with fungal furniture mistake to partake beware this kingdom dispersed, affixed on stumps, trunks sounding death’s trumpet stacked furniture with bioluminescent gills lighting ghosthood’s way mistake to partake thick blood’s your best outcome shun pretty poison

POPO2022 Day 26 — hands suspending moon

I am your jailor you’re my satellite, spinning, suspended in place I am your jailor key forgotten in drawer crime of love’s sentence satellite spinning a puppy dog prisoner begging for a glance suspended in place my charms jangle your madness my toy; your torment

POPO2022 Day 25 — couple walking towards mountains and space

all life passes here over snow-capped mountains’ toil with soul mate Garmins all life passes here on its way beyond the veil coming and going o’er snow-capped mountains gold anchor threads slip away we grow – or shed – wings with soul mate Garmins our bonds become beacons spirit bread crumbs

The Art of Jen Goldie manifested with paper collage

Jen Goldie is an artist of many talents.  She has a unique style with her art that I have appreciated for a long time.  Once, when looking at a creation of hers that I particularly liked, I wondered if I could reproduce a reasonable facsimile of it using what I know about collage.  It’s taken…

dVerse — Quadrille 149 — cloudfish speaks

It matters not the season, awake or asleep, please know me and understand, from grain of sand shifting with water, to morning’s crystals on a blade of grass, to your hands along warm scented skin, my swimming infinity; tender breadcrumbs offered as holy gifts. [44 words] I wanted to use one of my collages to…

collage — modern bison

A few weeks ago, while learning more about First Peoples and the American Bison that I had an idea.  In my collage cutout box with people are a million images of models with picture perfect hair, all made up, invariably gorgeous, all selling something.  I started to think this is what the Indigenous tribes were…