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dVerse — Quadrille — Goodbye Hello

image link De Jackson, aka Whimsygizmo, is our host of dVerse this day. De says: I want you to blow some kisses into your poems today... Whatever mood or form you choose, just be sure your poem gives that Q smackeroo: precisely 44 words, not including the title, and literally containing some form of the… Continue reading dVerse — Quadrille — Goodbye Hello

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d’Verse Quadrille to Winter’s Pheasant

  Mish is the host of tonight's d'Verse and gives the following prompt for tonight's quadrille: So I give you the word “steep” to infuse into your poem of 44 words.   Steep drifts shelter the pheasant outside my window. He stares in at the greenery and wonders at the mirage of summer. * I… Continue reading d’Verse Quadrille to Winter’s Pheasant

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#d’Verse — Quadrille to Change

image link De Jackson is the host of d'Verse poet's pub this evening. De's prompt follows: The changing of the guards. Spare change. Positive change. Change your clothes. Change your attitude. Change your life. Changed. Changeability. Changing. You could even go a little creepy on us, and write about a changeling. Whatever you write, just… Continue reading #d’Verse — Quadrille to Change

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Good Cheer (not the title)

WhimsyGizmo at dverse poet's pub has asked for a 44 word Quadrille on the topic of cheer.  I have indicated that the given title above is not the title of the Quadrille for purposes of word count.   shivering in doorway mother, toddler, teen, dog smooth stone, alcove bars wind, sucks heat * curtained snowflakes… Continue reading Good Cheer (not the title)

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Military Mushrooms

image link These rings or semi-circular arcs show up in the lawn with regularity, but usually in the back yard.  This fall a sizeable bough from one of the willows fell and laid there for a month or so.  It was finally cut into pieces and hauled away, but it left behind what the photo… Continue reading Military Mushrooms