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dVerse — quadrille 105 — Blue Reign

"Blue rain in a blue dream," by Elena Mosurak   Blue Reign My bony knee's strong, stubborn, crumpling your larynx. I'm Hades' magnet sucking your qi; your boom's whimpered. Such dark revelry for me as your life slips away: All Hail Box Crusher. Stupid paralyzed crowd is impotent to blue reign -- we kill as… Continue reading dVerse — quadrille 105 — Blue Reign

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dVerse — quadrille — Unfixed

Unfixed show me how to live! the day I tried... fell on black days [a]live to rise my wave hunted down outshined head down burden in my hand heaven's dead black rain rusty cage the last remaining light nothing left to say but goodbye goodbye     Today is the three-year deathversary of Chris Cornell,… Continue reading dVerse — quadrille — Unfixed

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dVerse — quadrille — Guess what I am

https://youtu.be/yg08_C307Ag   Guess what I am Silly: makes toddlers laugh bats its eyelashes at somberness climbs into Terry Gilliam's open skull sits on the window ledge and swings its legs scrunches your face when I tickle you dances in sunlight with bullfrogs plays badminton blindfolded creates Fierce Creatures whistles out-of-tune   clip from "Fierce Creatures"… Continue reading dVerse — quadrille — Guess what I am

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dVerse — quadrille #102 — Tapestry

Tapestry Fuzzy crimson splotches Warped blossoms Viral entanglements Crude pills on the weft Tactile levity severed Too many hanging threads Dangling dust magnets I need a good shake Laid on the line Chill breeze Tightening my weave Beaten with purpose Until my surface is flush   Mish is today's host for dVerse.  Mish says: Pen… Continue reading dVerse — quadrille #102 — Tapestry

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dVerse — Active Calming

Active Calming Alarm and anxiety's fingers, like those of ravening zombies, reach through my consciousness, determined to steal light from day. I push to snap their menacing pathways closed to keep them away. Their faces press up against the transparent barrier as they pound without tiring.   De Jackson (aka WhimsyGizmo) is today's host for… Continue reading dVerse — Active Calming

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dVerse — quadrille 100 — Talisman

Conjuring refrained wah-wahs Apple scruffs bridge two worlds Sad gnome sheds his beard A clean-slated tap-dancer Twirls through Friar Park Magic mantra circuits of Kaleidoscopic waves Neutralize shadows even In darkness. No matter how Your head is turned, The love light will shine in. I wrote my quadrille on George Harrison and, “All Things Must… Continue reading dVerse — quadrille 100 — Talisman

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dVerse — quadrille 99 — sunny and sixty-five

  Cushioned kitties rhythmic breathe; whiskers stir, testing air; cat-mouse dreams. Robins bicker over worms pulled by the spring equinox moon. Red maple, yellow willow, brown birch buds swell then crack – unfurling flags. Fox squirrels racetrack trees; fevered play; bird feeders hold no luster. De Jackson (aka Whimsygizmo) is today's dVerse host.  De says:… Continue reading dVerse — quadrille 99 — sunny and sixty-five

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dVerse — quadrille #98 — Trauma’s Onion

Trauma, immortally peeling onion of layered human celluloid misery. Re-runs' battleground images lose their vividness with each viewing. Marinated liver reeks on my onion skin tempting black eagles' taloned mandate. Angels with light arrows circle, faces outward, protecting my soul – healing thicker pink.       Mish is today's for dVerse.  Mish says: Today… Continue reading dVerse — quadrille #98 — Trauma’s Onion

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dVerse — quadrille 97 — Breathe the Stars

“Essential oils are like little packages of positivity.” – Valerie Ann Worwood, from The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, 25th Anniversary Edition (2016) Build dreampaths that are Blessed, mindful; balancing Hills and holes along the way, A journeyed setting of the stage For living to bloom. Essential oils of geranium, grapefruit, Petitgrain and… Continue reading dVerse — quadrille 97 — Breathe the Stars

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dVerse — quadrille — Katz Quadrille

Katz Quadrille Cabbage calls Honey moons Grapes grope Scoby sirens sing Flour water waits Attuned for Wild whooshes Yowling yeasts descend Bashful bacteria nuzzle up Sauerkraut kimchi cha-chas Meandering mead Charismatic chablis Kiwi kombucha kicks San Franciscan sourdough Fermentation frenzy Build it and they will come To learn more about Sandor Katz and Wild Fermentation,… Continue reading dVerse — quadrille — Katz Quadrille