haiku 081122

summer snow mountains shy moon’s silver cloud trick cool breeze blushes cheek A couple of nights ago it was cloudy and the moon shone so bright.  My eyes were playing tricks on me.

dVerse — OLN 321 and earthweal OLW 130 — Moon Troiku inspired by Samuel Peralta

Earth, sky, stillness.The evening unfoldsthe rorschach of the moon. Earth, sky, stillness.Moon shares its momentbonding wonder. The evening unfoldsthe same, yet differentthe moon won’t say why. [T]he rorschach of the moon.always tellsif our piano is in tune.   image:  full moon taken on 071322 Today’s form is a troiku, where I will use Samuel Peralta’s…

Easter 2022 Haiku

old woman asleepsmiles, warm in the sunlightdreaming of May dance

dVerse — OLN 309 — winter haiku

cold brick notice brings a smile to rosy cheeks boots crunch snow to lake summer spirits empty winter pavilion smell of wood smoke bare trees stand, still winter benches brushed with snow along frozen lake straight steps soon turn away from the cloudy sun cold hands, warm heater Out and about on errands today, I…