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#Haikai Challenge #141: Justice — Blue Death

  Minneapolis: land of white snow and dark hearts – one more chalked outline. * Means of movement for vehicular homicide – a reason to kill. * Persons of color, your mandatory choices: death, cage, tom, drugs, star. * With every badge comes training, fraternity – license to kill. * Blue eyes fear brown eyes… Continue reading #Haikai Challenge #141: Justice — Blue Death

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Haikai Challenge 136: late cherry [blossoms*] (osozakura) & dVerse OLN

A sunny clearing deep in the woods -- a small tree, cherry: May blossoms. Apple buds wait for first act's cherry's dance -- sweet petals on wind Late cherry blossoms -- I smell them before seeing tender sweet blushes. Honeybee's secret stash behind the hedge -- cherry promises. Mourning doves lament under the cherry tree… Continue reading Haikai Challenge 136: late cherry [blossoms*] (osozakura) & dVerse OLN

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#Haikai Challenge #135: New Moon

The lunatics wait for her arrival each month – when she is all theirs. * * * Her lasting beauty needs its sleep; she retires to a darkened chamber. * * * New Moon gives stars a chance to take center stage, but only once a month. * * * Jealous eyes wonder what she… Continue reading #Haikai Challenge #135: New Moon

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#Haikai Challenge #131: first [cherry] blossoms* (hatsu hana)

Grey skies, white blankets Cherry trees dream of blossoms – Spring in name only. Audiences wait Silent, for the Spring showing – Star is dawdling. Hawks cry our thoughts, recalling memories of bursting pink perfumed dots. Chipmunks munch pine nuts like popcorn, watching previews – cherry blossoms sleep. Before the glory of pink blossoms must… Continue reading #Haikai Challenge #131: first [cherry] blossoms* (hatsu hana)

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#Haikai Challenge #128 (2/29/20): east wind (kochi)

  Chicago's east wind Gains lake's chilled momentum – MI feathers ruffle.   Frank J. Tassone is the host of Haikai Challenge.  Frank says: This week, write the haikai poem of your choice (haiku, senryu, haibun, tanka, haiga, renga, etc.) that alludes to the East wind (Kochi).

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#Haikai Challenge #127: waters of spring (haru no mizu)

Spring in the mountains Frozen stream and bright sun dance Warm laughter trickles Intermission done Velvet cloud curtains open Sun's speech, Spring's tears Winds chase Spring's raindrops In spirals around tree trunks -- Buds dream of leafing. Midseason's water Winter and Spring's tug of war Snow, sleet, rain menu Wormless hunger greets Early robin's arrival… Continue reading #Haikai Challenge #127: waters of spring (haru no mizu)

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#Haikai Challenge #126 (2/15/20): returning cold (saekaeru) and dVerse’ OLN

Afterthaw's blizzard Chills water to ice, mid-drip – Bird's baths must wait. ~ Clear path turns long trudge To mailbox. Warm weather left No return address. ~ Cardinal feathers From slick shiny to puffed warmth -- Cold's return fashion. ~ Weatherbug's re-freeze Tells crocus and snowdrops: “Sleep on for awhile.” ~ Midwinter light grows Temperatures… Continue reading #Haikai Challenge #126 (2/15/20): returning cold (saekaeru) and dVerse’ OLN

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Cloud Streets

From mlive.com: By Tanda Gmiter | tgmiter@mlive.com The Arctic cold snap that is pushing through the Great Lakes today and tomorrow might make being outside feel brutally frigid, but it’s doing some really lovely things to the clouds overhead. This freezing air pouring over our warmer Great Lakes is creating “cloud streets” - nice little… Continue reading Cloud Streets

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#Haikai Challenge #122: The Dream

Rainbow lollypops -- each one licked by a pink tongue – small hands, many hues     Grandmothers rocking watching their grandbabies play long summer sunshine     My warm arm rests next to your warm arm, at peace – love is colorblind     Race checkbox erased demographics refashioned This dream can come true… Continue reading #Haikai Challenge #122: The Dream

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#Haikai Challenge #118: Holiday Season

Shattering Winter's Night Candle numbers change But lighting is universal – Flame shatters dark * Winter Pheasant Gold, green, red contrast, Warm against the cold white – Loud cry breaks silence * Winter Holiday Evenings Cats curl, warm, sleeping Red green lights polka-dot fur – Mouse sugar plum dreams     Frank J. Tassone is… Continue reading #Haikai Challenge #118: Holiday Season