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dVerse — red velvet cake

The fork is raised, red velvet cake poised-- a willing sacrifice to tastebuds' salivary crave that will be content with nothing less.     Today's offering is in the Joseph's Star poetic form. Sarah is today's host of dVerse.  Sarah says: Tonight, I want you to bring a little red into your poem.

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#FFFC 55 — ET Factory Farm

A persistent urban myth is that aliens abduct humans and do weird experiments on us involving probes, after which they drop us back off onto the planet after giving us amnesia. The myth is unfounded -- the reality is much different. Extraterrestrials do abduct humans, but not to do any silly experiments on us. They've… Continue reading #FFFC 55 — ET Factory Farm

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delicious faux ground beef (long post)

I grew up in a household that believed if a meal didn't have meat or an animal product as part of it, it wasn't a real meal. I never questioned the practice and other than liver and onions (and rabbit, even though it did taste good when I was forced by my grandpa to eat… Continue reading delicious faux ground beef (long post)

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dVerse — quadrille — Katz Quadrille

Katz Quadrille Cabbage calls Honey moons Grapes grope Scoby sirens sing Flour water waits Attuned for Wild whooshes Yowling yeasts descend Bashful bacteria nuzzle up Sauerkraut kimchi cha-chas Meandering mead Charismatic chablis Kiwi kombucha kicks San Franciscan sourdough Fermentation frenzy Build it and they will come To learn more about Sandor Katz and Wild Fermentation,… Continue reading dVerse — quadrille — Katz Quadrille

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Coloring Club Plus (minus coloring) 10/12/19

Yesterday afternoon, I was unexpectedly called away to help out friends and then ended up spending the night out of town.  Got back home around 11 a.m. this morning.  Mlady was peering around the corner at the end of the hall to make sure it was me.  Her fur was all puffed out when she… Continue reading Coloring Club Plus (minus coloring) 10/12/19

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OctPoWriMo Day 1 and dVerse — Devil’s Food

image link Devil's Food Shriveled kernel planted deep virgin soul watered with milk of human cruelty warmed under a dark sun born rabid appetites borne goats laugh bones crack interdimensional black hole sucking vortex never sated   Morgan hosts OctPoWriMo and I am hosting dVerse today. Morgan says: Free write about your, "Dark Night of… Continue reading OctPoWriMo Day 1 and dVerse — Devil’s Food

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#FFFC — A Place to Grow

Finding a place to grow food in the city was becoming an emergent crisis. Overpopulation forced building housing on every square inch of land that wasn't streets or sidewalks. The price of food, both at grocery stores and at farmers markets made it unaffordable to most. Growing one's own became essential. Bands of like-minded (and… Continue reading #FFFC — A Place to Grow

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Doodads — Cherry Point Labyrinth/Mandala

https://youtu.be/weM2umnTEUY This is going to be a long post, with lots of pictures and videos of the labyrinth/mandala I visited yesterday. I call it labyrinth/mandala because it does not meet the criteria of labyrinth that I know of, which is one-way-in-one-way-out, but it does look like a lot of mandalas I have colored. It doesn't… Continue reading Doodads — Cherry Point Labyrinth/Mandala

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Doodads — wow Friday the 13th???

I just realized it was Friday the 13th. So far so good! image link Viewing The first thing I wanted to talk about is the 2-hour documentary I watched last night, called, “Bob Dylan: 1966-1978: After the Crash.” The netflix blurb says: This documentary covers the so-called middle period of iconic musician Bob Dylan's career.… Continue reading Doodads — wow Friday the 13th???

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Salsa Mexicana Cocida

I decided to try one of Irene's delicious recipes.  Irene's blog is My Slice of Mexico.  The recipe I chose to make is Salsa Mexicana Cocida.  I had about a dozen ripened and ripening tomatoes from the two plants that are off-the-charts prolific with large flavorful fruit.  (The other plants I started from seed from… Continue reading Salsa Mexicana Cocida