News of Interest to Kombucha Brewers

image link, which will also take you to a how-to on making kombucha A couple of weeks ago, my sons and their SOs came over.  I warned them there were a few fruit flies flitting around and apologized.  They immediately said, "mom do you have any apple cider vinegar?"  I said yes and they instructed… Continue reading News of Interest to Kombucha Brewers

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This year I participated in our local library's first ever implementation of a seed bank. They took those gorgeous wooden cabinets that held the cards people could use to find books and now use a computer screen instead and turned it into being a keeper of seed packets. They communicated with heirloom seed companies and… Continue reading Gloss

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Day 25 — OctWriPoMo — Ode to Loving Asparagus

image link There comes a season In Michigan, When asparagus Slowly rises from the soil It takes the right temperature And the right moisture To make asparagus happen.   It is sold at the local farmer’s market At exhorbitant prices, now That the farmer’s market is A fashionable place to be seen.   A farmer,… Continue reading Day 25 — OctWriPoMo — Ode to Loving Asparagus

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Day 6 — OctWriPoMo — Shadows

image link   The man today* said,                 “Close your eyes and try to visualize                 the last person who you saw who was ashamed                 and see where you feel it in your body.”   I visualize my mother, trying to understand my brother kicking her out. Then I visualize my ex, trying to… Continue reading Day 6 — OctWriPoMo — Shadows

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  Our boss, once a year, bequeaths us three days at a conference, hours north from an already northern place. It’s a luxury resort, off-season rates, and the run of the place. Folks from around the state convene, joined by a common profession. We speak the same language, we laugh at the same jokes. Vendors… Continue reading Pearl’s