The above is a screen shot from the trailer on youtube for the movie, Colossal. The following is a review of said movie, by movie reviewer, Shelby Cadwell. Movie Review: Colossal

Rhyme fluffs

Rh, there’s factor in the blood Hy, get there Hym, melodies for a weekend morning Y, indeed Me me me me Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!   Rhyme Rhythm Beat Repeat   Sometimes no Or reason.   The ring of a string The dote of a note via Daily Prompt: Rhyme


I’ve been going to Meijer Gardens since it was first created many moons ago in Grand Rapids, MI.  It continues to grow and has sculpture all over the place, both inside and out on the grounds.  Recently Ai WeiWei had an exhibit there, and he left behind a permanent installation called Iron Tree.  I fell…


photo credit link The photo is the CD cover for Pearl Jam’s 1996′ No Code.  When I saw the daily prompt was “Inhabit” my first thought was the cut on this CD called, “Habit”.  You might say wait the word is INhabit, so what’s the connection.  The way PJ uses habit here is similar to…

Offa Rex

The following is a blog post I’m sharing from another person (please see link at the bottom of the post.) I was blessed enough to buy this LP (and MP3) and have been listening to it steadily ever since. The voices, the melodies, the instruments, the lyrics, every bit is exquisite. Go out to youtube…


  Jiffy Jif In a Jif Huff the world in a whiff. Pop the pill, grab the gun. Now, what can’t be had in one? What is real?  Only now? Veruca Salt. Will you bow? Jiffy Pop Jiffy Lube A long-distance runner In a Zebra suit. Jiffy

The Circus, by Albina Felski

You can regard The Circus, by Canadian-born artist Albina Felski, as a collage.  It’s a very rich one.  Ironically, I came across a photo of this magnificent work of art while cutting images out of magazines for my own collage creations.  This one was in Smithsonian Magazine I think.  I was compelled to search the…