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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #91 — The Relativity of Things

In philosophical daoism, one of Zhuangzi's continuing themes is the relativity of things, which examines, “this and that.” He talks about the definition of terms and how they can limit. By categorizing every thing into a this or a that, and even more confounding, to assign a judgment on it as to whether it is… Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #91 — The Relativity of Things

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dVerse — quadrille — dragon — rising

image link De Jackson is the host of dVerse today for Quadrille Monday.  De says: Just pen us a poem of precisely 44 words, not counting the title, and using some form of the word dragon. “Ancient Japanese lore describes Koi fish swimming up a massive waterfall called 'The Dragon Gate.' If they reach the… Continue reading dVerse — quadrille — dragon — rising

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Manson and The Lair of Song Mountain

image link Just last evening, after drinking A special blend of tea, Lifelike dreams visited. Twisting Chinese folklore To suit its needs, Came the following: ~ ~ ~ After half a century, a great scaly Kun, Who had been writhing in dark waters, sprouted wings, and transformed into Three-Headed Peng. Despised Trinity, It manifested abhorrent… Continue reading Manson and The Lair of Song Mountain

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Happy Fishes

image link I've been a student of philosophical taoism/daoism for several years now.  Two of the main texts studied are The Tao Te Ching/Dao De Jing and the Chuang Tzu/Zhuang Zi.  The Dao De Jing (DDJ)'s main speaker is an old guy named Lao Tzu/Lao Zi, and the Zhuang Zi (ZZ)'s main character in the… Continue reading Happy Fishes