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Doodads — 5/15/20

I've been working out in the yard a lot these past days.  So many things to report!   Other news:  One of the bluebird houses is.... occupied by bluebirds!  I moved a couple houses around and one of them is off by itself.  I couldn't be any happier to see them.  Trillers have bullied them… Continue reading Doodads — 5/15/20

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dVerse — Switch

  They wait for me beyond the door To steal from me my somber scene To play in hue and nothing more They dot my view with rose and green The peonies, new on the scene A princely frog kerplunks in ditch From gloom to bright, a magic switch     Today's seven lines are… Continue reading dVerse — Switch

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Doodads 4/4/20

I'll be playing an online virtual board game with my kids today so will be "gone."  I did want to share one of the things I did yesterday.  My older son's girlfriend gave me a gift for Christmas of herb growing kit.  I opened it yesterday and was instructed to soak the seeds for 24… Continue reading Doodads 4/4/20

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Winter at Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park — Part 1 of 3 — outside

You may have been wondering where I was today.  Instead of signing in, I brewed a pot of coffee, took a quick bath, then headed over to Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids.  Younger son and his wife bought me a membership for Christmas.  I chose today to go for a few reasons.  One is I'M… Continue reading Winter at Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park — Part 1 of 3 — outside

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Thursday Inspiration 39 — Flower Power

I have what they call Flower Power. It starts at the tip of my ratted lavender-scented bouffant and vines down to the tips of my squeaky yellow PVC boots. As I fly over spring terrain, my shimmery green silk cape sends sparkles everywhere that makes seeds germinate when my boyfriend hero, Sol, warms things up.… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 39 — Flower Power

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#FFFC — A Place to Grow

Finding a place to grow food in the city was becoming an emergent crisis. Overpopulation forced building housing on every square inch of land that wasn't streets or sidewalks. The price of food, both at grocery stores and at farmers markets made it unaffordable to most. Growing one's own became essential. Bands of like-minded (and… Continue reading #FFFC — A Place to Grow

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Growing Friendship

image link Mayzey started volunteering twenty hours a week at the community garden. She hoped to build new friendships with other volunteers, and it wasn't long before she met one of the regulars. Matiz was in his 70s and had been helping with the garden since it was first planted twenty years previously. Matiz was… Continue reading Growing Friendship

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#MM — Tale Weaver, FOWC, WOTD, 3TC — Photographer Origin Story

I've been a photographer since I could see. What I mean by that is that my eyes are cameras. My eyes have always been keen and have seen things in a way that is different than many. As a small child, I spent endless hours watching life in flora and fauna go about its business,… Continue reading #MM — Tale Weaver, FOWC, WOTD, 3TC — Photographer Origin Story

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#MM — Sunday Writing Prompt “A Fish Out of Water” — Umber the Earthworm

image link Umber the earthworm had spent his entire life in the front yard of Mrs. Jones, wiggling and writhing through the dirt and trying to stay out of the path of hungry moles. So far in this, his sixth month, he had been successful in staying alive and having fun frolicking with his many… Continue reading #MM — Sunday Writing Prompt “A Fish Out of Water” — Umber the Earthworm