Day 17 — OctWriPoMo — Peacock and Butterfly

image link The challenge was to write a poem/story with no more than a total of 50 different words used.  I counted 53 total.  It was fun. You have heard the story of the croc and clock, But have you heard the story of the butterfly and peacock? Molly and Polly went walking one day…

Rhyme fluffs

Rh, there’s factor in the blood Hy, get there Hym, melodies for a weekend morning Y, indeed Me me me me Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!   Rhyme Rhythm Beat Repeat   Sometimes no Or reason.   The ring of a string The dote of a note via Daily Prompt: Rhyme


  Jiffy Jif In a Jif Huff the world in a whiff. Pop the pill, grab the gun. Now, what can’t be had in one? What is real?  Only now? Veruca Salt. Will you bow? Jiffy Pop Jiffy Lube A long-distance runner In a Zebra suit. Jiffy