Tanka Tuesday 296

painting by Ichiro Tsuruta 鶴田-郎, 1954 Her face a white mask, stone jewels her guardians; carnellian lips her invitation; a portal each escapes into — doom’s dissonant stay. The form is Gogyohka. The poem is directly inspired by Kerfe’s artwork and poetry based on ventriloquist dummies and by our dialogue in the comments for it….

Draw a Bird Day — July 8, 2021 — Eastern Bluebird male

Birds are icons across cultures serving as feathered pantheon of our attributes and emotions. Sorrows plummet on crow’s wings. Joy’s infusion in a bluebird’s sighting. The drawing is the first time I’ve used a youtube how-to video to draw anything. It works pretty well especially since it can be paused and replayed. The dimensions are…

dVerse — Poetics — Parked

The old bus had taken her places; now here it sits, akilter, its tired warnings burnt out long ago. photo from Glenn A. Buttkus’ facebook site, “South Sound Minimalist Photos” Today’s offering is in gogyohka form.  Many thanks to Glenn for his graciousness in offering us a chance to write to his wonderful minimalist photographs….

#Haikai Challenge #181: waters warming (mizu nurumu)

  A beige skirt with white fringe.Blue fabric flutters in warmth’s light. Crystals flee in spring’s breeze;open wave promises ofplaid blankets and plover races.   top photo taken in February 2020.  video taken March 5, 2021. Frank J. Tassone is the host of Haikai Challenge.  Frank says:Write the haikai poem of your choice (haiku, senryu,…

dVerse — OLN — Best Turkey of the Bunch

Dead, unfallen leaves shine brighterThan the weak beam of our faded star.As we walk with hope to cast our voteFor the best turkeys in the running,The whole world is watching. Bjorn is today’s host of dVerse’ Open Link Night, which was also a live event.