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Family Frayed

image link Fandango's FOWC is undermine, the Word of the Day Challenge is seldomly, and Paula's 3 Things Challenge words are: keyboard, bananas, rattle Every time Sally told her twelve year-old son, Billy, to do something or not do something, Sally's boyfriend, Quincy, tried to undermine her parental authority. Quincy had grown up in a… Continue reading Family Frayed

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Trust me.

image link Fandango's FOWC is reason and the Word of the Day Challenge is trust. The following is a combination of truth and fiction; for the purposes here, there is no need to distinguish truth from fiction. “Trust me.” Like when mommy said the shots wouldn't hurt. It did hurt, every one. Like when daddy… Continue reading Trust me.

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dVerse Rubaiyat: The Beauty of a Fork in the Road

John Sloane, "North Country Christmas" UPDATE ON 2/10/19:  I have been working on on the rubaiyat after receiving excellent feedback.  To all who have contributed feedback thank you very much, especially Nora.  I decided to change the title for one.  For another  I added another stanza, which meant some lines had to be switched around. … Continue reading dVerse Rubaiyat: The Beauty of a Fork in the Road

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Learn Narcissist in 5 Minutes for FREE — An Upturned Soul

An Upturned Soul wrote about toxic narcissists and telling the truth.  Her essay -- and graphics -- were so articulate and focused that I wanted to share them.  For anyone who hasn't dealt with a narcissist before, this is how it is. So you want to learn Narcissist in 5 minutes for free. Okay. The… Continue reading Learn Narcissist in 5 Minutes for FREE — An Upturned Soul

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d’Verse Return

gif link Sarah is hosting d'Verse this evening. Sarah says: Tonight, I want you to write about a harbinger. My offering tonight to meet the prompt is in the form of a double etheree.   Each night you stay after work like I do and meander to my work area. You pretend to seek my… Continue reading d’Verse Return

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#MLMM Wordle #218 Miss Platform

Mind Loves Misery's Menagerie's Wordle #218 gives the following words and asks that at least 10 of the words in a story or poem. I used them all except hypocrite and Schrodinger's Cat. Parting Dislodge Volute- a spiral or twisted formation or object. Swap Doomsday Hypocrite Quiet Engine Miss Platform Schrödingers Cat Framework Miss Platform had been a caretaker to patients… Continue reading #MLMM Wordle #218 Miss Platform

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Bad Boys

image link   Today's Word of the Day Challenge is immature.  Although the word immature doesn't show up in my poem, I hope it describes it enough to pass for the prompt!   boys toys man cave bros before hos sex slave drinkin' a brewski watching the game men don't do dishes laundry, the same… Continue reading Bad Boys

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They Say…

image link They say hearts are meant to be broken. They say once broken it's tougher than before. They say if you don't love, your heart will turn to stone. You'll curl up into a corner, wither, and die. They are talking about romantic love. They are talking about erotic love. * Go out there,… Continue reading They Say…

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Siren 17 At dverse poetry pub tonight, Amaya is bartending and has challenged us to build something and to be sure to use a secret ingredient.  Not sure if it will rise or fall, but my attempt is in the form of a triquain crown , which is 5 of the triquain strung together.  I… Continue reading Paradise

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SoCS — Old Hen

Stream of Conscious Saturday -- ma Ma is what my mom and her sibs called their mother, my grandma. When I tried to call her ma she jumped all over my case and wouldn't hear of me or my sibs using that term. We were expected to call her mom. Nothing else would do. She… Continue reading SoCS — Old Hen