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#FFFC 35 — The Chameleon

mirceaianc at Pixabay.com They called him The Chameleon. Marshall was one of those unique individuals who could morph into whatever, whomever, he needed to be, depending on the circumstances. He was the kind of person who could be the best used car salesman on the lot, or the founder of a new religion. Marshall's mind… Continue reading #FFFC 35 — The Chameleon

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OctPoWriMo2019 Day 6 — blue — your eyes

Your Eyes mesmerizing as a snake's cool as first ice on the pond distant as atmosphere near outer space blank as a huskie's warm as a summer lake hot as a smiling cowboy's cold as an arctic fox's clinical as an animal researcher's inviting as pie frightening as hitchcock's shower scene's frightened as hitchcock's shower… Continue reading OctPoWriMo2019 Day 6 — blue — your eyes

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dVerse — metaphor — A Tale of Two Chickens

A Tale of Two Chickens A small hut set high at the foot of Tien Sheltered Lu, his wife, Li, and their infant, Shenyen They fished, they grew rice, ate eggs from their hens. Days of labor met nights with sweet song winter wren Chickens' ways varied if in or out of their pen. When… Continue reading dVerse — metaphor — A Tale of Two Chickens

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dVerse — Over: Justice’ Arbiter

I got the text on an ordinary morning, saying he was in jail. They didn't know for what only that he showed up on the log. I called his stepmother to find out the scoop. She asked, “You didn't see the headlines?” “No,” as an invisible hand clenched my throat; Skittering to the computer, I… Continue reading dVerse — Over: Justice’ Arbiter

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Trouble in Paradise

DJ said caller number nine I speed-dialed the station, ninth on the line Winner of a trip for two to the tropics Choice of trip-mate became a hot topic Jax was da man, so sexy and raw. Dreamed on the plane of his chiseled jaw Hawa'ii, like always, perfect time of year Jax and I… Continue reading Trouble in Paradise

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Can you picture we?

  A velvet corduroy angel dazzles a marble steel boy's heart Candy cake morning Catting about Blue belly woman, porcelain eyes Delicious, but born sad Almost there, come at you See me blush & bleed Can you picture we, magic like?     Oracle poem.  Always fun. Artwork:  Zhou Zixi (Chinese, b. 1970). Sometimes young… Continue reading Can you picture we?

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dVerse — Sestina — Mists of Indigo

"Just Before Dawn" stumbling through realms of red doubting sight of morning's orange buoyed by kindness' bright yellow moments of respite in fields of green a will of iron drowning in regret's blue return again to mists of indigo a traveler, searching through indigo crystal hums with songs of red you, love, lying on wet… Continue reading dVerse — Sestina — Mists of Indigo

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#FF — My sister’s husband

PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Wayne Fields My Sister's Husband I watched their meticulous attempts at reconciliation, knowing at the same time they would fail. As what they had crumbled under the weight of dense, irreducible icons of betrayal and unforgiveness, each turned in click-heel, simultaneous conclusion and walked in opposite directions. I stood nearby, in… Continue reading #FF — My sister’s husband

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Won’t get fooled again

image link Pam was approaching her fifth anniversary of singlehood. She had her sanctuary, affectionately nicknamed “the nest” just the way she wanted it. After her nasty breakup with Chad, she'd had a lot of time to dissect what went wrong between them. She began to learn about gaslighting and now considered herself to be… Continue reading Won’t get fooled again

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The Klutz

image link Chet was a klutz. It started in infancy when he dropped his baby bottle from the crib. Chet's nanny came running and had the formula-saturated broken pieces of thick clear glass bagged and put into the bin in a jiffy. “Chetty, that's the third bottle this week! What are we going to do… Continue reading The Klutz