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dVerse — Protest — pearl dust

Fine precious pearl, a gift divineyou've crushed like dirt beneath your boot;Stole innocence, oft' hidden crime on precious pearl, a gift divine. You're fouler than leaked toxic slime,forgot, remembered in the booksby precious pearl, a gift divine,now dust like dirt 'neath heaven's boot. Then comes a whirling in the airthat gathers sparkles from the dirt.Sweet… Continue reading dVerse — Protest — pearl dust

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#FF — Harvest

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson WARNING:  may not be suitable for squeamish readers Rats gnawing. Stabbing pain. Falling forever. Maniacal laughter. Trevor woke with a splash, teeth chattering enough to chip his caps, in a tub he didn't recognize. The water was ice cold – and pink. Head fuzzy, he cast about to orient. White… Continue reading #FF — Harvest

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dVerse — Ekphrastic — Catrin Welz-Stein — Rose

Rose --fragrant, ruffled,posing, light-catching, captivating,blooming, immortal, unobtainable, hungry,luring, piercing, draining,cursed, regretful,phantasm.     I chose to write a diamante form poem.  Thank you, Lillian, for this prompt and thank you to Catrin for her mesmerizing artwork.  Please click on Catrin's name below to see more of her work. Lillian is today's host of dVerse.  Lillian… Continue reading dVerse — Ekphrastic — Catrin Welz-Stein — Rose

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Movies, Movies, Movies! #51 – September 22, 2020

Welcome to another installment of Movies, Movies, Movies! Capone (2020) Starring: Tom Hardy, Linda Cardellini, Matt Dillon, Noel Fisher (Mickey from Shameless!), Kyle MacLachlan, and others Director: Josh TrankGenres: biopic, criminal, historySynopsis: Tom Hardy plays Al Capone (aka Fonse) where he has gotten out of prison, is suffering the debilitating effects of long-term syphilis and… Continue reading Movies, Movies, Movies! #51 – September 22, 2020


dVerse — quadrille 112– Snapshots

Snapshots iBlue cloud-puffed sky blanketcushions sweetening pearson leafy pillows asthey dream of wet wanders,wobbling in verdant peace. iiMoist sacred mountainsyield lonely rock rain while bright animal spirits watch autumn wind macerate lichen,soon dust motes in the snow.   This is an Oracle composition with some tweaking. De Jackson is today's host of dVerse.  De says:New… Continue reading dVerse — quadrille 112– Snapshots

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The Monday Peeve 54 — WEAR A MASK!

    My peeve is about the hot topic of masks and social distancing. At the cat shelter where I volunteer with my son and DIL everyone on our shift wears masks -- except one. She is a key person in the org as the "cat care manager" that coordinates all medical maintenance (pills, ointments,… Continue reading The Monday Peeve 54 — WEAR A MASK!

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Haikai Challenge #157: Autumn Equinox (Shunbun)

Autumn Equinox' Color ClockBlue globe ticks a notchgreens splash to orange and redYellow heat turns down   Equinox Set ChangeBlue mirrored ripplesOnce framed with green are now brownSwans swim a new pond   Autumn HarvestHungry red squirrelPine nuts, sunflower seeds, pears Wrens eat fat spiders   Images:orange and red leavesswansred squirrel Frank J. Tassone is… Continue reading Haikai Challenge #157: Autumn Equinox (Shunbun)

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dVerse OLN — Redemption

This tree had seen its fair share of misery long before lightning or disease disfigured it. It is unknown how old it was when Felt mansion was completed in 1928. It is known that within months of the mansion's completion Mrs. Felt died in her bedroom not 50 feet away from the tree. It is… Continue reading dVerse OLN — Redemption