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When one goes to the carnival, they envision spending a few hours, or perhaps a day, enjoying the wondrous rides, food, and other attractions.  The Word of the Day fit right in with a book I recently borrowed from the local library,  Midwest Marvels: roadside attractions across Iowa, Minnesota, the Dakotas, and Wisconsin Thinking about… Continue reading Carnival

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rose goddess

Unpacking a box of things brought home from work after retirement, I found a small set of magnetized words that were used to make freeform poetry on the overhead cabinet in my cubicle once upon a time.  I decided to pull out 25 words randomly to get started, then pulled out some more to find… Continue reading rose goddess

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At 60

image link At 60 * Every morning, for 42 years, his coffee waits, steaming. Every night, dinner, hot, waiting on dining room table. Every bedtime, she lies, motionless, while above her he thrusts and grunts. * 42 years ago, her mother was a living icon to how it's done Hours before the vows, she gave… Continue reading At 60

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Final Portrait (2017)

image link I've got 4 main sources for movies now, other than going to a theater:  1) netflix streaming; 2) netflix discs; 3) the library; and 4) Family Video.  I try to obtain through free sources first.  This was one I requisitioned from #2.  I think I found it through looking for Armie Hammer movies. … Continue reading Final Portrait (2017)

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image link, by Vector-Brony Goddess called a contest for most Exemplary Bird to represent all types. Not a peep was heard How and why would Goddess ever do such a thing? As each bird is exemplary With or without their sing. How could she choose which one of them all was the best to choose… Continue reading Exemplary

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free-range shrubbery

image link Yesterday, I was driving through a region that is dotted with landscape plant greenhouses and row upon row of fields of shrubs of various varieties and sizes.  I also drove through a new 7-mile connector highway that rolls up and down hills and around curves.  Along this section I observed clumps of what… Continue reading free-range shrubbery



image link There are several mentor essays I could write, from the perspectives of being a mentor, being a mentee, and from observing mentoring relationships. The one being chosen today is the freshest in my mind. I've watched Showtime's, 8-season Dexter, from beginning to end once so far and have purchased the series. I've watched… Continue reading Mentor


Tangerine from Encomium for Led Zep

I bought Encomium* when it was released, in 1995.  The cover kind of freaked me out, as there is a sinister aspect to it.  Maybe the marketers wanted something to catch the shoppers' eye on the shelf?  For diehard fans of Led Zep, no such parlor trick is needed. Over the years, Encomium has been… Continue reading Tangerine from Encomium for Led Zep

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This year I participated in our local library's first ever implementation of a seed bank. They took those gorgeous wooden cabinets that held the cards people could use to find books and now use a computer screen instead and turned it into being a keeper of seed packets. They communicated with heirloom seed companies and… Continue reading Gloss

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image link He surveys his domain with pale, baleful eyes, head jerking here and there at every shift in wind and sky, ready to rip and tear. He struts from end to end, fluffed feathers, comb flapping to and fro, confirming the scope of his harem, crowing with every fiber of his ten-pound body. They,… Continue reading Imperious