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dVerse — meet the bar — Late Summer in West Michigan

  kingfishers eat well as ponds shrink and minnows swarm -- cicada's sing   duckweed and lotus leaf blankets bob in the wind -- turtles sun on logs   wrens eat water oats growing amongst late lilies – ants climb sturdy stalks   sunset colors leave moonrise against silhouettes – river frog kerplops   morning… Continue reading dVerse — meet the bar — Late Summer in West Michigan

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#Haikai Challenge #145: wild iris (ayame)

  Wild purple iris on the path to the water one midsummer's day   Frank J. Tassone is the host of Haikai Challenge.  Frank says: Like the mayfly, the bloom of [the wild iris (ayame)] lasts but a single day. What better exemplar of transience can we ask for?  This week, write the haikai poem… Continue reading #Haikai Challenge #145: wild iris (ayame)

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What do you see # 34 — Mother Bear

Mother Bear wandered these woods for a good hundred years. Her cubs were many and had populated the region, valleys and mountains, and beyond. Mother Bear was tired. It was time for her to rest. One day in early fall, she fell asleep under a majestic beech tree surrounded by oak and did not wake… Continue reading What do you see # 34 — Mother Bear

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dVerse — A day’s rain

"Gladiolus in the Rain,garden flower,pink and white," by Valeria Belogurova   You know it comes, the stage is set Sky turns to grey, wind changes gear Hushed hiss or pour from sky – all's wet A sound you see, a sight you hear. Pink blossoms pray, “Please, not too hard!” Worms curl and dance, green… Continue reading dVerse — A day’s rain

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Doodads — 5/18/20

Update:  Curiosity got the best of me, so I went to Old Faithful YouTube and found out what it is. https://youtu.be/MbC_CLZao-Y It says they need to be at least 3 years old to blossom, but mine is only a year old (or a year after planting the store-bought plant.)

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#Haikai Challenge #139: fragrant breeze (kunpuu) — Spring’s Fragrant Array

Spring's Fragrant Array   Rosemary pushes Against lake breeze from the west As it gathers friends. Violets, lilies, lilac; Hyacinth dance with humus. Earthworms inhale to Celebrate in their blindness Spring's fragrant array.   Today's offering is an Oriental Octet. An Oriental Octet is an invented verse form that appears to emulate the syllabic pattern… Continue reading #Haikai Challenge #139: fragrant breeze (kunpuu) — Spring’s Fragrant Array

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Doodads — 5/15/20

I've been working out in the yard a lot these past days.  So many things to report!   Other news:  One of the bluebird houses is.... occupied by bluebirds!  I moved a couple houses around and one of them is off by itself.  I couldn't be any happier to see them.  Trillers have bullied them… Continue reading Doodads — 5/15/20