Doodads — moon and yard 0601 and 060223

Last night at 2 a.m., while binge-watching, “Alone,” moonlight snuck in through the blinds.  I looked out and said, ooh, I need to get out there and get a shot of that.  It’s the first clouds I’ve seen in probably weeks.  It was still cloudy this morning, but it’s more hazy than anything now. sky…

Doodads yard and queen bee

Another stroll around the yard and also an adventure with a queen bumblebee.  Click on most captions for larger images.

Doodads all over the place

The new banner features two gifts my sons and daughter in-law gave me for Mother’s day.  The thing that looks like a house on the stump is a butterfly house from older son.  About 2 feet to the right is that beautiful orange volunteer that draws butterflies from near and far.  The gardening frog is…

Doodads — walk around yard 050523

Today the sliders and a window are open and it’s 70+ F in the house.  The sun has been shining all day.  Glory be!  I took a quick stroll around the yard and also had a mini-adventure. CLICK ON CAPTIONS TO SEE LARGER IMAGES

Doodads — gardening inside and out

  It’s been a busy weekend for doing plant things.  Yesterday older son came over and put together 2 corrugated metal planters with 3ftx4ft (approx) dimensions.  Thank you for making it easy for me, son!  Pictures later of those once I decide where they are going to go, get them situated and full of dirt,…