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#FF — Culinary Campaign

PHOTO PROMPT – © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields All season they march out, culinary soldiers, to our raised bed, pillaging our peppery leaves and primary-colored blossoms. Armed with birchwood baskets, their hands reach with harvesting intent, plucking at-will, collecting our dismembered corpses with bright smiles. Some even whistle as they work. Then back they trudge to dissect… Continue reading #FF — Culinary Campaign

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dVerse — 3 little words — The Feeder

She feeds them in a quiet place Where willows droop; they know her face. Her pail with net, cracked corn, sharp spear; Unsensed the trap, fins swim sans fear. Death strung on lace. Her zinnias smile when she returns, Their hungry sway in copper urns, The roses arch with ruby grace In trellised dance; they… Continue reading dVerse — 3 little words — The Feeder

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#Haikai Challenge #159/#160: Fall Foliage/Goose (Kari) — winged company

They waddle cushioned green feedbeds, nibbling new shootsin crisp autumn air.They rise as one, one pink dawn,Wings in formation, on the way...     The Aleutian Canada Goose is mostly a herbivore, and is a primary consumer. They eat: grasses, berries, sedges, aquatic vegetation, legumes, succulents, clover, cultivated grains, corn, wheat, barley, soybean, and seeds.… Continue reading #Haikai Challenge #159/#160: Fall Foliage/Goose (Kari) — winged company

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#Haikai Challenge #153: cricket (koorogi) / #154: morning-glory (asagao)

  dewy flags unfurl to fall wind's bright trumpets tired crickets now sleep morning glories open us to the new day's chorus     https://youtu.be/e0TInLOJuUM         top image link here bottom image is  from the collection called Momoyogusa = Flowers of a Hundred Generations by Kamisaka, Sekka (b1866-d1942) from The New York… Continue reading #Haikai Challenge #153: cricket (koorogi) / #154: morning-glory (asagao)

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dVerse — meet the bar — Late Summer in West Michigan

  kingfishers eat well as ponds shrink and minnows swarm -- cicada's sing   duckweed and lotus leaf blankets bob in the wind -- turtles sun on logs   wrens eat water oats growing amongst late lilies – ants climb sturdy stalks   sunset colors leave moonrise against silhouettes – river frog kerplops   morning… Continue reading dVerse — meet the bar — Late Summer in West Michigan

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#Haikai Challenge #145: wild iris (ayame)

  Wild purple iris on the path to the water one midsummer's day   Frank J. Tassone is the host of Haikai Challenge.  Frank says: Like the mayfly, the bloom of [the wild iris (ayame)] lasts but a single day. What better exemplar of transience can we ask for?  This week, write the haikai poem… Continue reading #Haikai Challenge #145: wild iris (ayame)

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What do you see # 34 — Mother Bear

Mother Bear wandered these woods for a good hundred years. Her cubs were many and had populated the region, valleys and mountains, and beyond. Mother Bear was tired. It was time for her to rest. One day in early fall, she fell asleep under a majestic beech tree surrounded by oak and did not wake… Continue reading What do you see # 34 — Mother Bear