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Doodads — 5/18/20

Update:  Curiosity got the best of me, so I went to Old Faithful YouTube and found out what it is. https://youtu.be/MbC_CLZao-Y It says they need to be at least 3 years old to blossom, but mine is only a year old (or a year after planting the store-bought plant.)

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#Haikai Challenge #139: fragrant breeze (kunpuu) — Spring’s Fragrant Array

Spring's Fragrant Array   Rosemary pushes Against lake breeze from the west As it gathers friends. Violets, lilies, lilac; Hyacinth dance with humus. Earthworms inhale to Celebrate in their blindness Spring's fragrant array.   Today's offering is an Oriental Octet. An Oriental Octet is an invented verse form that appears to emulate the syllabic pattern… Continue reading #Haikai Challenge #139: fragrant breeze (kunpuu) — Spring’s Fragrant Array

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Doodads — 5/15/20

I've been working out in the yard a lot these past days.  So many things to report!   Other news:  One of the bluebird houses is.... occupied by bluebirds!  I moved a couple houses around and one of them is off by itself.  I couldn't be any happier to see them.  Trillers have bullied them… Continue reading Doodads — 5/15/20

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Doodads — growing things

As humans agonize over viruses and the ripples from them, life goes on for much of the planet. Last year I planted Swiss Chard in a large pot and forgot about it.  Glory be, it is alive and kickin.  Soon I'll be eating homegrown Swiss Chard! I planted 36 brandywine tomato seeds I saved from… Continue reading Doodads — growing things

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dVerse — Switch

  They wait for me beyond the door To steal from me my somber scene To play in hue and nothing more They dot my view with rose and green The peonies, new on the scene A princely frog kerplunks in ditch From gloom to bright, a magic switch     Today's seven lines are… Continue reading dVerse — Switch

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Doodads 4/4/20

I'll be playing an online virtual board game with my kids today so will be "gone."  I did want to share one of the things I did yesterday.  My older son's girlfriend gave me a gift for Christmas of herb growing kit.  I opened it yesterday and was instructed to soak the seeds for 24… Continue reading Doodads 4/4/20

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dVerse — OLN 262 — Nature’s Intuition

Nature's Intuition Seedy winter light is here, A tendril of Spring's seasoned secret. Quiet colors lonely brown lichen. Cold blue frost murmurs how long; Bee breeze listens and asks when Nature's intuition will give bright hymns Of daffodil and crocus. Grace is today's host of dVerse' Open Link Night.  I used The Oracle for this… Continue reading dVerse — OLN 262 — Nature’s Intuition

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#MM — Saturday Mix — Lucky Dip — pretty peonies

Pretty puffed pungent petals Prancing pirouetting primadonas Pastels, pompous pinks, Peeking, pouncing, Passels praying Proud, precocious Parades primping Precious pronouncements     Sarah is the host of Mindlovemisery Menagerie's Saturday Mix.  Sarah says: For this week’s Lucky Dip, I have reached into my mystery bag and pulled out a Tautogram. The topic is up to you! … Continue reading #MM — Saturday Mix — Lucky Dip — pretty peonies

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Meijer Gardens in Winter — part 2 of 3 — exhibit

The following pictures are of parts of an exhibit at Meijer Gardens called, "The Womb," created by Rebecca Louise Law.  The exhibit is pretty sparse with clinical-like representations of how big the fetus is and how it grows over time.  There is another case that shows how the placenta grows over time, which was new… Continue reading Meijer Gardens in Winter — part 2 of 3 — exhibit

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dVerse — Paeonia

Born deep Root of roots Snuggling close Waiting for warm, until My green and purple spears Pierce the sky Lanky legs Ferny arms Swelling buds Hot June's charms Fill me to bursting Blossoming joy Taste my ginger crack pollen! All hit my pipe Humming and staggering Donating parts to Boardrooms And hospital vases Painters love… Continue reading dVerse — Paeonia