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dVerse — Poetics — The Vatic Voice

The feeling I get when I become a transmitter for the vatic voice is the same feeling I get when listening to some music. Whether it comes out of my mouth or fingertips or comes in through my ears, it seems to infuse the area from the base of my throat to my chest cavity… Continue reading dVerse — Poetics — The Vatic Voice

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dVerse — haibun — day schemes, moon dreams

  As Autumn weather cools things down in the Northern hemisphere, woodpeckers get ravenous and attack the silent suet cakes with increased vigor. Unfortunately, their enthusiasm has been more keen than usual this year as they look for tasty snacks they imagine are hiding in the wood siding of the house. They may be doing… Continue reading dVerse — haibun — day schemes, moon dreams

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dVerse — Protest — pearl dust

Fine precious pearl, a gift divineyou've crushed like dirt beneath your boot;Stole innocence, oft' hidden crime on precious pearl, a gift divine. You're fouler than leaked toxic slime,forgot, remembered in the booksby precious pearl, a gift divine,now dust like dirt 'neath heaven's boot. Then comes a whirling in the airthat gathers sparkles from the dirt.Sweet… Continue reading dVerse — Protest — pearl dust

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dVerse — Ekphrastic — Catrin Welz-Stein — Rose

Rose --fragrant, ruffled,posing, light-catching, captivating,blooming, immortal, unobtainable, hungry,luring, piercing, draining,cursed, regretful,phantasm.     I chose to write a diamante form poem.  Thank you, Lillian, for this prompt and thank you to Catrin for her mesmerizing artwork.  Please click on Catrin's name below to see more of her work. Lillian is today's host of dVerse.  Lillian… Continue reading dVerse — Ekphrastic — Catrin Welz-Stein — Rose

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dVerse OLN — Redemption

This tree had seen its fair share of misery long before lightning or disease disfigured it. It is unknown how old it was when Felt mansion was completed in 1928. It is known that within months of the mansion's completion Mrs. Felt died in her bedroom not 50 feet away from the tree. It is… Continue reading dVerse OLN — Redemption

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dVerse — Let Autumn Wait

It seems as though you are still summerby W.S. Merwin, from “To the Light of September” It seems as though you are still summeras dawn's pink flame melts crystal dewand winds dance with sunflowers. Live, green-infused canvasand pears unperfumed,you play to stay. Let autumnwait for us.       Image:  "Doe Under Pear Tree," taken… Continue reading dVerse — Let Autumn Wait

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dVerse — prosery — Night Feeders

In their dreams they sleep with the moon.--From Mary Oliver, “Death at Wind River” Once pampered, now refugees, at dawn they slink in grimy, forgotten shadows of Oldtown to their den until dusk falls. Their fortress is woven with plastic, glass, and metal discarded by the giver-of-treats who will never again pet their once-luxurious fur.… Continue reading dVerse — prosery — Night Feeders

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dVerse –MTB–Recline within the Inimitable Beauty of Gestalt

image link Original: Rest in the Peace of the Meadow Us and them, sliced on and on into ever thinner shards, until the world is bloody ground glass. Is that what you see when you look at a meadow? No. Look how many pieces to a tree. Each blade of grass together makes a cushion… Continue reading dVerse –MTB–Recline within the Inimitable Beauty of Gestalt

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dVerse — Dead Woman Walking

image link Scene of the Crime Name: Evidence: daughter of a barmaid and a factory workerabandoned by one and brainwashed by anothersix is old enough to fend for yourself; mothers are for sissiestape recordings leave little room for editing without skillz sister of a bonded brother and caretaker of six chargesteasing punching teasing punching hurling… Continue reading dVerse — Dead Woman Walking

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dVerse — quadrille 111– Secrets of the butterflies

"Calla Lilies," by Maria Shedrina While I was flitting by one day upon a gentle breeze,I eavesdropped when a butterfly told secrets to the bees:A magic nectar rests in deepest bells of lilies blue,and if you sip just one small bit your fondest dreams come true. * * * Kim from North Norfolk is today's… Continue reading dVerse — quadrille 111– Secrets of the butterflies