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Alcohol and ink painting by Joy Dorr Laura is the host of dVerse today. Laura says: BELL-VOICED      CRADLE-PETALS       DARK-VOWELLED      DUST-TONGUED FIRE-DWARFED   GRAVE-GROPING      HARE-HEELED           HEAVEN-CIRCLING LARK-HIGH         MAP-BACKED           MOON-BLOWN          MUFFLE-TOED OWL-LIGHT         RINGED-SEA            SCYTHE-EYED           SHE-BIRD TEAR-CULLED      TIDE-LOOPED           WATER-SPOKEN       WHALE-WEED For this Tuesday Poetics I’m asking you to write a poem using at least FOUR of the hyphenated… Continue reading Race

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #82 and dVerse Villanelle with Slant Rhymes — Black Hole

This poem is a villanelle with slanted rhymes that is being submitted to dVerse, as well as being part of Reena's challenge. Reena is the host of Reena's Exploration Challenge.  Reena says: PROMPT I am not a fatalist. I’m not obsessed with darkness. Yet, a landmark development in astronomy this week inspires me to remain… Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #82 and dVerse Villanelle with Slant Rhymes — Black Hole

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dVerse — Water — Flint, Michigan

image link Linda is the host of dVerse today. Linda says: So today, fellow poets I want you to write about life sustaining water, in any of its three forms- solid, liquid, or gas.  You may write in any form you choose, this is a Poet’s choice prompt. I would love to write something positive… Continue reading dVerse — Water — Flint, Michigan

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dVerse — Quadrille — Aced it

De is the host of dVerse today. De says: Greetings, my poetical friends. How’s your crazy April going? Are you writing a poem a day? Are you acing it? Well, for today’s Quadrille, I want to give you the chance to do just that – ace your poem. Unless it’s your first time here at the… Continue reading dVerse — Quadrille — Aced it

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dVerse — Cascade — Jones

image link Amaya is the host of dVerse today. Amaya says: Our prompt tonight asks you to incorporate the word “cascade”, or reflect on its metaphysical significance of a multi-level fall, or write a shape poem showing us a picture of a cascade. And, even though we’re not technically “Meeting the Bar” tonight with a… Continue reading dVerse — Cascade — Jones

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dVerse — haibun to the 32nd of March

image link Kim is the host of dVerse today.  Kim says: For this week’s Haibun Monday, write about April Fools’ Day: a time when you played a prank or had one played on you; the best April Fools’ prank you’ve experienced or heard of; or a memorable April Fools’ Day. You could even play a… Continue reading dVerse — haibun to the 32nd of March

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dVerse — Villanelle — Heaven Reborn

Sansevieria in bloom, taken 2009   After getting some much-appreciated feedback, I took a look at the poem.  Here's the first revision: When sun shines, heaven is reborn. Faces turn skyward, spirits leap Warmth for living, blessings adorn Spring's voice sings through green colored horn Flora! Fauna! lilies and peeps When sun shines, heaven is… Continue reading dVerse — Villanelle — Heaven Reborn

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dVerse — A Fixed Place

image link Anmol (HA) is the host of dVerse today. Anmol says: For The Tuesday Poetics, I am, therefore, asking you all to explore geography in your poems. There are different ways of going about it — you can explore and inculcate the various subjects that are a part of the study of geography like… Continue reading dVerse — A Fixed Place

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dVerse — quadrille — Hungry

image link Frank is the host of dVerse today. Frank says: The word for the quadrille today is “troll” or any variation or arrangement of it somehow in your poem. So. To get to the point, to participate write a 44-word quadrille using some variation of the word “troll” in the poem. Frank, I took… Continue reading dVerse — quadrille — Hungry

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She Lobo

image link Gina is hosting dVerse today. Gina says: What is the poetic hum in your life? What hums in the background of your life that inspires you as you unconsciously listen while you work and live? Is the drone always there or do you have to cultivate the inspiration? Some points to ponder in… Continue reading She Lobo