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Meeting the Bear

image link Jilly at dverse poets pub is the hostess this evening and has asked for a poem with repetition.  This one is in the form of villanelle . I saw a Disney-produced -- yes, I hate Disney, but --- movie a couple of years ago, called, "Bears", which is a documentary of a mother… Continue reading Meeting the Bear

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Siren 17 At dverse poetry pub tonight, Amaya is bartending and has challenged us to build something and to be sure to use a secret ingredient.  Not sure if it will rise or fall, but my attempt is in the form of a triquain crown , which is 5 of the triquain strung together.  I… Continue reading Paradise

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Good Cheer (not the title)

WhimsyGizmo at dverse poet's pub has asked for a 44 word Quadrille on the topic of cheer.  I have indicated that the given title above is not the title of the Quadrille for purposes of word count.   shivering in doorway mother, toddler, teen, dog smooth stone, alcove bars wind, sucks heat * curtained snowflakes… Continue reading Good Cheer (not the title)

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deep freeze

Tonight is dverse Open Link Night.  Today's offerings are what's most on my mind today -- keeping the fire going.  It's been chilly all day and the fire is on the third try.  Today's offerings are four lanturnes, described as a five-line verse shaped like a Japanese lantern with a syllabic pattern of one, two,… Continue reading deep freeze

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Off They Go^

image link Tonight's dverse poet's cafe topic is fire and it can be in any form.  This one may be in a form but no guarantees.   two extinguished travelers searching for shelter where warmth could be and found each other * kindling of combustible memories tossed into the pyre ignited by unvalidated emotions consumed… Continue reading Off They Go^

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d verse monday — haibun on waiting

image link Imelda is hosting at dverse tonight. Her prompts are waiting and the form haibun. This is the second try for me on haibun and it's probably the most challenging form I've done yet.  I'm very interested in any critiques on this.  It would be appreciated as I want to get better, especially at… Continue reading d verse monday — haibun on waiting

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Mi Familia

image link Thank you, Grace from dverse for the prompt today for a Quintilla. The form is a Spanish Quintain (Quintilla), which is a 16th century Spanish Quintain form of eight syllable (Iambic Tetrameter) lines. When written as a decastich (2 quintillas), the verse is known as Copla Real.  The topics for my Copla Real… Continue reading Mi Familia

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Temple of Desire

image link   Dverse topic of the night is desire and sexuality and our personal views on it.  If you haven't checked out the exceptional poetry going on over at dverse, hightail it over there by clicking on the link!   here lies fleshly temple living archive within which are held sensory etchings intertwined orientations… Continue reading Temple of Desire

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Military Mushrooms

image link These rings or semi-circular arcs show up in the lawn with regularity, but usually in the back yard.  This fall a sizeable bough from one of the willows fell and laid there for a month or so.  It was finally cut into pieces and hauled away, but it left behind what the photo… Continue reading Military Mushrooms

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When Mother Gaia Pulls the Plug

Today's dverse prompt is for a November poem. The form is kyrielle sonnet. The photos and video were taken outside today. I feel this poem up close and personal!   Hued raiment cloaked, colorless pall Greens, browns, reds, fleeting, if at all Sighing as I sip from my mug When Mother Gaia pulls the plug… Continue reading When Mother Gaia Pulls the Plug