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dVerse — sestina — The Water Way

The Water Way Endless traveler wanders, Earth's lowly heir Filling each space with no-mind, wholly Myriad influence moves it on its way Dwelling here and there, heaven scent Choosing first, mountain weight to bear Gravity speaks to places water knows. Blue so deep, at first its surface is all you know Until you realize its… Continue reading dVerse — sestina — The Water Way

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dVerse — Sestina — Mists of Indigo

"Just Before Dawn" stumbling through realms of red doubting sight of morning's orange buoyed by kindness' bright yellow moments of respite in fields of green a will of iron drowning in regret's blue return again to mists of indigo a traveler, searching through indigo crystal hums with songs of red you, love, lying on wet… Continue reading dVerse — Sestina — Mists of Indigo

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dVerse — Sestina — The Tale of an Irish Rover

Oil painting by Jonelle Summerfield   'Tis nineteen ought two. Compelled am I to tell this tale As nearer wails the banshee. After long years mulling over My harrowing adventure, truth it be, not fiction's trail When I was much younger and a thrill-seeking Irish rover Pad and quill at your side, please scribe it… Continue reading dVerse — Sestina — The Tale of an Irish Rover

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Day 14 — OctWriPoMo — This Place

image link At the earth’s edge there is water, and from water we see the earth. Two elements, united by the wind. Congregated by amorphous clouds is the infinite blueness of the sky. The majesty sets our minds on fire.   At sunset is the gleaming brilliance of fire. Red lights the ripples of dark… Continue reading Day 14 — OctWriPoMo — This Place