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“Roadkill” (1989) Bumps and Thumps

The Word of the Day Challenge is venturesome .  Fandango's One-Word Challenge is target . image link “Roadkill”, described as the first film in what has been called a loose 3-part trilogy, is a stand-alone story. There are no loose ends that need to be tied up, as the other two, “Highway 61” (1991) and… Continue reading “Roadkill” (1989) Bumps and Thumps

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Madame Godiva’s Tent

image link Summer was coming to an end. The carnival always arrived at this time of year. Jax and the other seniors had been waiting for it all week, and Friday was finally here. Jax & Li, Barry & Michelle, Brad & Angelina, and Ben & Jerry all met up at Jax' house, then caravaned… Continue reading Madame Godiva’s Tent

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Night Brew

image link Fandango's One-Word Challenge (#FOWC) is special.  The Word Challenge of the Day is enrapture. She walked the fields and down by the stream all morning, then into afternoon, looking, smelling, and listening for her ingredients. With the ones she already had in her spice chest, there were only a few left to complete… Continue reading Night Brew

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Well of Feelings — A Blitz Poem I went and volunteered a shift at the cat shelter with my son and his wife this afternoon.  The orientation was last week.  One training shift down and three more, then I'll be an official regular volunteer.  The crew on Sunday evenings are so friendly and laid back.  It's also very clear they are… Continue reading Well of Feelings — A Blitz Poem

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Kinky Boots (2005 & 2013?)

Fandango's One-Word Challenge is free. Todays Word of the Day Challenge is kinky. Ooh there are so many directions to go with kinky. An attempt will be made to keep it x-free – go to porn hub if you want to be titillated – but still keep the spirit of the word intact. Kinky Boots… Continue reading Kinky Boots (2005 & 2013?)

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Song Lyric Sunday — Danny Boy

image link and more info about the song Although there were several good choices for Song Lyric Sunday's theme of boys, I chose this one.  My firstborn is named after it and it is one that makes me cry every time I hear it sung right. Joe Feeney, who sang many beautiful Irish tunes on… Continue reading Song Lyric Sunday — Danny Boy

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Cinquain on the Pencil

image link and also a link to, "The Surprising History of the Pencil" at brainpickings, by Maria Popova Fandango's One-Word Challenge is pencil . My younger son is both a math whiz (he got it from his dad) and an artist who loves his pencils.  I never thought I'd write a poem about a pencil,… Continue reading Cinquain on the Pencil

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Game of Thrones (SPOILER ALERT)

image link, which leads to S8 teaser video The Word of the Day Challenge is capitulate. For individuals who have NOT seen Game of Thrones but have considered watching it at some point, stop reading this post now and click away from it. OK now, let's get on with the post. The root of capitulate… Continue reading Game of Thrones (SPOILER ALERT)

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#SoCS Music(als) from 1970

I didn't live far from one of the first big department stores in the area from the age of 10 to 16. My best friend and I would walk the couple of blocks to it at least once a day, sometimes multiple times. It had everything, a snack bar, shoe repair, ice cream shop, clothing,… Continue reading #SoCS Music(als) from 1970

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Driver 8 (1985)

image link Fandango's One-Word Challenge today is driver . R.E.M.'s song, “Driver 8”, came to mind. Maybe because of last night's prompt at dverse where a repetitive form was called for. Usually I don't like repetitive songs, but it works so well in, “Driver 8”. Maybe it is used as a reflection of the often-monotonous… Continue reading Driver 8 (1985)