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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #91 — The Relativity of Things

In philosophical daoism, one of Zhuangzi's continuing themes is the relativity of things, which examines, “this and that.” He talks about the definition of terms and how they can limit. By categorizing every thing into a this or a that, and even more confounding, to assign a judgment on it as to whether it is… Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #91 — The Relativity of Things

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #76 — The Mysterious Mother

image link that will take you to info on the history of daoism Reena's prompt for Exploration Challenge #76 was to choose between 3.  Reena says: There are a range of words/phrases to choose from – this week. Disorientation Live forward, look backward You are made of stardust, and to stardust you will return If… Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #76 — The Mysterious Mother

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#d’Verse — Quadrille to Change

image link De Jackson is the host of d'Verse poet's pub this evening. De's prompt follows: The changing of the guards. Spare change. Positive change. Change your clothes. Change your attitude. Change your life. Changed. Changeability. Changing. You could even go a little creepy on us, and write about a changeling. Whatever you write, just… Continue reading #d’Verse — Quadrille to Change

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Poetry Day 29 — Dao & The 10,000 Things

image link Today's prompt is, "By the Number".  I like numbers and after working in the accounting field for awhile learned that they do speak their own language.  I thought about trying to do something on my lucky number 17 or something about hexagrams from the I Ching, but the number most important to me… Continue reading Poetry Day 29 — Dao & The 10,000 Things

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Poetry Day 19 — “What do you want?”

Prompts, etc. for today's OctWriPoMo include: "What do you want?"   ...your poem might address someone else... yourself ... a thing, person, place, or something else entirely.  One of the suggested forms is contrapuntal .  "In the poetic world, contrapuntal poems are poems that intertwine two (or more) separate poems into a single composition–often by offering… Continue reading Poetry Day 19 — “What do you want?”

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Tao Te Ching/Dao De Jing V 12

image link The five colors can blind, The five tones deafen, The five tastes cloy. The race, the hunt, can drive men mad And their booty leave them no peace. Therefore a sensible man Prefers the inner to the outer eye: He has his yes, – he has his no. --Witter Bynner rendition of Lao… Continue reading Tao Te Ching/Dao De Jing V 12

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The Dao of Starting and Burning a Fire in a Wood Burner

For those of you who already are experts at starting and maintaining fires in wood burners, you may choose to skip this post; or read it and compare it to your style of starting and maintaining fires in wood burners.  Ideal environment and materials: --The wood burner has an excellent, clear stove pipe that vents… Continue reading The Dao of Starting and Burning a Fire in a Wood Burner

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image link   You’ve heard fake it 'til you make it? Where you pretend you’re caring Human, empathetic, a good listener, Monogamous, drug-free, eating single portions. It’s practice, they say, try on the role, And one day you’ll get the golden trophy. It takes time, they say, things worth having Are worth working for.  Time… Continue reading Depot

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Empty Cubicle

image link I'm retiring from my current place of employment in June 2018, after having served 25 years.  Yes, served as in a sentence.  It hasn't been all bad.  Every year we do an office Secret Santa.  It is a week of gifts that you give and receive, each gift in the $2-$5 range.  So… Continue reading Empty Cubicle

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A Prayer

image link Across the skies Across the land A pall Grey above and below With patches of white above and below Not enough to allow Spirits more than a millimeter Away from zero. --- Souls across the planet Of warm-blooded, plants, Stones, and water, and the Rest of the 10,000 things, In earnest, heart-beaming to… Continue reading A Prayer