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What do you see? #2 — Karma is a b…..

Miranda's symptoms were becoming harder to ignore – and hide. The day she vomited blood in the kitchen in front of her children, husband, and her parents who were over for dinner was the day there was no more hiding. Her mother loomed over her as she punched the number to the family doctor into… Continue reading What do you see? #2 — Karma is a b…..

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dVerse — prosery 5 — All Hallow’s Eve

On one of the few warm and sunny days left of autumn, we decided to ride our bikes along the new stretch of bike trail. The land had been donated by the local chemical company. Where yellow “no trespassing” signs proliferated before was now accessible by all. The woodland trail was full of gentle slopes… Continue reading dVerse — prosery 5 — All Hallow’s Eve

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OctPoWriMo2019 Day 3 and dVerse OLN — Persnickety Pear (language warning)

Chromosomal fate Blood-soaked baggage Temperamental bitch Like a bad penny Keeps turning up Force fed hormones Great clots of backlash But she was there When I needed her. And again. Then she stabbed me In the back. I had to cut her loose. Sleep well, old girl. Grace is today's host of dVerse's Open Link… Continue reading OctPoWriMo2019 Day 3 and dVerse OLN — Persnickety Pear (language warning)

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Tale Weaver – #231 – July 11th – Making Sense of Nonsense – Ignormarte

image link IGNORMARTE If anyone can keep secrets, it's doctors. They are the best at keeping secrets because they have the most to lose. Ever since health-maintenance organizations (HMOs) became the standard, doctors have had to do some fast shuffling. You see, how an HMO works is that it receives a set amount of money… Continue reading Tale Weaver – #231 – July 11th – Making Sense of Nonsense – Ignormarte

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Snap-in Tools

image link Greeny had been suffering with a broken tooth for a week while her dentist was on vacation but today was the day of her appointment. The dentist, happy, tanned, and smiling, was ready to work again after his relaxing time on the ocean. His assistant took an x-ray and confirmed the took was… Continue reading Snap-in Tools


June, she is leaving. — On a mission

Train Today to Reap Tomorrow has come up with this FABULOUS list, which, if followed, is certain to lead to FITNESS.  Check it out and see what you think. Yesterday, we had to write how much I am going to run on 29th June in the apps. I wrote 12 and this morning I could… Continue reading June, she is leaving. — On a mission

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SoCS — Warning! Warning!

  Linda G. Hill's says: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “critic(al).” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun! Critical is an extreme. Critical wants, no needs, you to pay attention. It is at a far end of a continuum in a situation where moderation is needed. For example if a… Continue reading SoCS — Warning! Warning!

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Reluctant Guide

  Health is a homeostatic condition where all of the systems and functions operate collaboratively and harmoniously with each other in the microcosm and with the environment in the macrocosm. Our bodies are like well-tuned machines that were designed long ago and have been refined over millions of years. Health is something that is often… Continue reading Reluctant Guide

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The Daily Prompt — Simmer

image link Annual Exam Today was annual exam day, the 2nd annual exam with this doctor.  Previous health care providers have been lackluster to downright demeaning in their bedside manner.  In all of the almost 60 years of having doctors, I remember my pediatrician as being a jolly older gentleman who seemed to enjoy what… Continue reading The Daily Prompt — Simmer