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dVerse MTB — evil in waiting

It was a regular Saturday morning for the junior bowling league, where my 10 year old son's and other teams rolled, which took up many of the 50 lanes at the alley, but not all; there was open bowling, where looking around I saw a white man in his 30s or older with a young… Continue reading dVerse MTB — evil in waiting

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Uncle Harold and the Volcano

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay The year is 2049. Console and computer gaming has come so far from 30 years ago. The hard-core gamers stay attuned to the latest developments to keep their edge in the MMOs*. Harold was not one of those players. Harold dabbled in gaming. Geordy, his wife, always… Continue reading Uncle Harold and the Volcano

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Sorry to Bother You (2018)

Sorry to Bother You – No You're Not! I was finally able to borrow a copy of, “Sorry to Bother You” from my local branch of the library and watched it last night. Although I had a general idea of what it was about, I'd purposely kept myself ignorant of spoilers and wanted to go… Continue reading Sorry to Bother You (2018)

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The Legend of Little Green

Today's offering is loosely, very loosely, based on the Word of the Day.   In the green years of a small life, a black hole opened up, and sucked her soul into it. She became Small Shadow. * Small Shadow saw the world in only the way a soulless being can. She longed for the… Continue reading The Legend of Little Green

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Manson and The Lair of Song Mountain

image link Just last evening, after drinking A special blend of tea, Lifelike dreams visited. Twisting Chinese folklore To suit its needs, Came the following: ~ ~ ~ After half a century, a great scaly Kun, Who had been writhing in dark waters, sprouted wings, and transformed into Three-Headed Peng. Despised Trinity, It manifested abhorrent… Continue reading Manson and The Lair of Song Mountain

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image link Walking into the private military club in the small town a half-hour north, my old middle-school friend, who said I would know her by the poppies on her shirt, jumped up to greet us.  We’d reconnected after bumping into each other at the store a while ago and traded facebook handles.  She’d invited… Continue reading Peculiar