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The Birth of Religion

image link Aquarium meditation percolates this and that to the surface.  One thought leads to another, as thoughts are wont to do. Many times they are about the fish and the way of fish in an aquarium. The thought trail begins as such. One-sided relationships. Me, watching fish in the aquarium. I watch them and… Continue reading The Birth of Religion

Daily Addictions

Precious — DAILY ADDICTIONS – 2018 – WEEK #34

image link What is precious to one who values nothing? - This is not a willful detachment, nor an enlightened state. - More a vacuum in the living, in living space. - Where did this traveler come from? - Strange, airless nether regions where oxygen kills, or at minimum irrevocably maims? - To walk about… Continue reading Precious — DAILY ADDICTIONS – 2018 – WEEK #34

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Daily Addictions 2018 — Week 34 — Dusk

Dusk is that special time daylight relinquishes its favor. Colors slowly wash out, diluted with grayness. Details of objects soften, to murky dark shapes - Dusk is the time where birds vacate their feeding turf and fly to secret resting spaces. Crickets pump up their cricketing for the second shift. Fireflies flash coded sexts. Nightcrawlers… Continue reading Daily Addictions 2018 — Week 34 — Dusk