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The Ballad of Yukon Cornelius

I wrote this almost a year ago.  A friend suggested I bring it out for those of you who haven't read it.  It *is* almost that time of year.  Happy Holidays!  Also, my buddy, badfinger, posted on the timeless classic, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, with some very interesting info on the show.  Click Rudolph to… Continue reading The Ballad of Yukon Cornelius

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Townes VanZandt –Magic of the Ordinary

image link "Sorrow and solitude, these are the precious things And the only words that are worth remembering." ~ Townes Van Zandt * "I don’t envision a long life for myself. Like, I think my life will run out before my work does, y’know? I’ve designed it that way." ~ Townes Van Zandt   Townes… Continue reading Townes VanZandt –Magic of the Ordinary

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They Say…

image link They say hearts are meant to be broken. They say once broken it's tougher than before. They say if you don't love, your heart will turn to stone. You'll curl up into a corner, wither, and die. They are talking about romantic love. They are talking about erotic love. * Go out there,… Continue reading They Say…

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Florette to Incense

field of vervain -- image link Gina is the hostess at dverse this evening. She has asked us to consider the ordinary things in our lives that, “present themselves to make our lives a little easier and a lot happier.” An ordinary thing that has done just that for me has been incense. It makes… Continue reading Florette to Incense

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Well of Feelings — A Blitz Poem I went and volunteered a shift at the cat shelter with my son and his wife this afternoon.  The orientation was last week.  One training shift down and three more, then I'll be an official regular volunteer.  The crew on Sunday evenings are so friendly and laid back.  It's also very clear they are… Continue reading Well of Feelings — A Blitz Poem

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Cinquain on the Pencil

image link and also a link to, "The Surprising History of the Pencil" at brainpickings, by Maria Popova Fandango's One-Word Challenge is pencil . My younger son is both a math whiz (he got it from his dad) and an artist who loves his pencils.  I never thought I'd write a poem about a pencil,… Continue reading Cinquain on the Pencil

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Meeting the Bear

image link Jilly at dverse poets pub is the hostess this evening and has asked for a poem with repetition.  This one is in the form of villanelle . I saw a Disney-produced -- yes, I hate Disney, but --- movie a couple of years ago, called, "Bears", which is a documentary of a mother… Continue reading Meeting the Bear

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Siren 17 At dverse poetry pub tonight, Amaya is bartending and has challenged us to build something and to be sure to use a secret ingredient.  Not sure if it will rise or fall, but my attempt is in the form of a triquain crown , which is 5 of the triquain strung together.  I… Continue reading Paradise

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Good Cheer (not the title)

WhimsyGizmo at dverse poet's pub has asked for a 44 word Quadrille on the topic of cheer.  I have indicated that the given title above is not the title of the Quadrille for purposes of word count.   shivering in doorway mother, toddler, teen, dog smooth stone, alcove bars wind, sucks heat * curtained snowflakes… Continue reading Good Cheer (not the title)

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  Word Challenge of the Day  is balmy.  Fandango One-Word Challenge is pending.   data would enter through her senses: sights, sounds, touches tastes, smells, but be trapped by thoughts, plans, dreams, many times stuck, rolling around, looping to absurdity, squeaking to halt -- terminal pending. * after the cleanup crew duct taped her to… Continue reading Balmy