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dVerse — Haibun — Summer’s Growth Bath

Merril is the host of dVerse today. Merril says: So today, I want you to conjure the magic of nature in your haibun. Think about the words, too, as of course, you do in poetry anyway. With the almost-daily rains, every herbaceous being grows lush with green. Where the bearded iris have two blossoms other… Continue reading dVerse — Haibun — Summer’s Growth Bath

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dVerse — quatrain — Dark Angel

Cixi, taken by Yu Xunling ca. 1890 At age of five became I blind Bad nerves to blame that made me scream Cursed I our God for act unkind Yet all, my friend, 'twas not as seemed The act upon heaped thoughts unkind Turned out to have a brighter theme Through haunts did stray the… Continue reading dVerse — quatrain — Dark Angel

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#FF — Terminal

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Terminal Left doctor's office with the news, I won't wear out this pair of shoes. Another Spring I'll never see, Way station to eternity. If you're to say goodbye to me Please do it now, flight leaves at three. So many things I want to say To you, my love.… Continue reading #FF — Terminal

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Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, June 19th 2019, summer solstice

Summer's Goddess Blesses with her golden orb Heals us with her light * Golden zenith rains On fields of blossoming green -- Cornucopia * Darkness gets cheated While long summer days play Owlsongs are cut short * Solstice strawberries Are the deepest red -- and sweet! Shortcake's dance partner * Spring's asparagus gone Solstice berries… Continue reading Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, June 19th 2019, summer solstice

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dVerse — Jacquline Hurlbert, Artist — fashioned friend

Content With My Delusions- J.Hurlbert   fashioned friend astray from anguish poisoned by passion, etched with existentialism, malaise from malevolence, pained by paternalism, notched by narcissism, carved by charisma, regressed from rejection erased by exploitation bruised by braying banter degraded with dirty deeds i leapt -- hurtled f r e e f a l l… Continue reading dVerse — Jacquline Hurlbert, Artist — fashioned friend

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dVerse — Quadrille — fret — Resonant Flutters

Resonant Flutters Wee squirts, faces upturned, Rapt ears and eyes agog Elders' rosewood box hums. Frets vanish, fingers fly, Fever ignites. Grown now, on stage: Showtime. Switch flips, then machine-like Precision – with a smile. Picked notes dance and flutter, Resonant manifestations of passion's Soulful butterflies.   https://youtu.be/zaV0SOINI60 https://youtu.be/n-c66SJPuUI https://youtu.be/DXe95iTtci0 Kim is the host of… Continue reading dVerse — Quadrille — fret — Resonant Flutters

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Freedom of Expression — Father/Dad/Pop

image link Today I'm writing an acrostic poem for my father, who passed on over 20 years ago. My dad did the best he could, all things considered. FATHER Forever in my heart and memory Always considering the well-being of his children Taking time to spend teaching us life lessons Happy to Help when we… Continue reading Freedom of Expression — Father/Dad/Pop

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Saturday Mix – Lucky Dip, 15 June 2019 — Every Summer

Sarah is the host of Mindlovemisery's Menagerie's Saturday Mix. For this week’s Lucky Dip, Sarah reached into her mystery bag and pulled out a Cascade form poem. Sarah says: Good luck with your ‘Lucky Dip Cascade’ – I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Don’t forget to tag ‘Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’, ‘Saturday Mix’,… Continue reading Saturday Mix – Lucky Dip, 15 June 2019 — Every Summer

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dVerse — To market, to market! — blitz poem

Farmers Market by SUREN NERSISYAN Hub for Passion at the market at the hub hub of resources hub of activity activity of sell activity of buy buy fruits buy vegetables vegetables fresh vegetables healthy healthy grown healthy eaten eaten fresh eaten sweet sweet peas sweet strawberries strawberry cartons strawberry plants plants grow flowers plants grow… Continue reading dVerse — To market, to market! — blitz poem

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Saturday Mix – Sound Bite, 8 June 2019 — Night Hunters — added to dVerse 6/19/19

Adding this to dVerse' Open Link Night.  Check out dVerse and read great poetry. This poem is written in the time where humans were hunter-gatherers. Warning:  The content may be upsetting or objectionable to some readers. Night Hunters Golden disk, wolves howl -- Night's risk, hunting, humans prowl. Ten wolves chasing, humans, two, I ran… Continue reading Saturday Mix – Sound Bite, 8 June 2019 — Night Hunters — added to dVerse 6/19/19