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#MLMM First Line Friday — 1/18/19

image link Your line for this week is: “Well I think it’s funny!” For years, Ginny had been brow-beaten, gaslighted, and treated as an inconvenience with a weak mind by her husband, Geoffrey. It started when they first met. Within minutes Geoffrey was correcting her speech and giving her advice about what to choose from… Continue reading #MLMM First Line Friday — 1/18/19

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The Jacks

Fandango's FOWC is onerous, and the Word of the Day Challenge is uppercut. Billy Jack was ever the hard worker, from the time he was able to stand. He would help his maw with the laundry, would set the table, peel the potatoes, feed the chickens, run to the dairy farm to get milk, and… Continue reading The Jacks

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50 word Thursday #3 Plea for Help

image link Kristian is the host of this week's 50-word-Thursday.  Kristian and Teresa alternate hosting this weekly challenge.  Today's story had to contain the following phrase: ‘Although it was a simple thing to be doing, something strange was happening.’  from Paulo Coelho's The Valkyries At 10 p.m. on Monday night Jack was watching a movie,… Continue reading 50 word Thursday #3 Plea for Help

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#MLMM Wordle #218 Miss Platform

Mind Loves Misery's Menagerie's Wordle #218 gives the following words and asks that at least 10 of the words in a story or poem. I used them all except hypocrite and Schrodinger's Cat. Parting Dislodge Volute- a spiral or twisted formation or object. Swap Doomsday Hypocrite Quiet Engine Miss Platform Schrödingers Cat Framework Miss Platform had been a caretaker to patients… Continue reading #MLMM Wordle #218 Miss Platform

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Tell The Story

Rory, aka A Guy Called Bloke, has tagged me to tell a story about this image, which freaked me out this morning when I looked at it before my first cup of coffee.  Afterwards, I will choose an image and tag 3 people to write a story based upon the image I've chosen.  Kick back… Continue reading Tell The Story


#MLMM — Casa Vicens

image link Mindlovemisery's Menagerie asked us to pick a word from each of the categories and write a story about them. I did not pick these words; they picked themselves and wrote the story: Secretary, Bitter Lime, Bergamott, Helix, Photograph One of the perks of being Director of a large library system is that Jenny… Continue reading #MLMM — Casa Vicens

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Underdog’s Riddle

image link Fandango's FOWC is underdog, and the Word of the Day Challenge is riddle. Today's post is inspired not only by the challenge words but by my experience at karaoke last night. My friend called and asked me to figure out who had karaoke so I did the google and gave her 3 places… Continue reading Underdog’s Riddle


FTS 2019 #1

A New Dawn, Part 1 by Teresa The snow pelted Jon in the face as he stumbled toward the trees. He looked back at the city lights and brushed his long, wet hair out of his eyes. The lights that once held such wonder and mystique now held only despair and heartache. He remembered the… Continue reading FTS 2019 #1

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Madness Ignited

image link   Fandango's FOWC today is madness and Word of the Day Challenge is ignite. This gloomy weather is getting to me. Today's offering is both disturbing and frightening. WARNING:  It may be triggering and is not suitable for children. Don't say you weren't warned! a finger traces an imaginary line down a path… Continue reading Madness Ignited

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Weekend Getaway

image link Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and Wordle #216 The challenge is to use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem. The words can appear in an alternate form. Use the words in any order that you like. Forgotten Crux Slip Deprecate Minister (also has a verb form) Bother How Heartstrings Maim… Continue reading Weekend Getaway