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Who’s Your Man?

Fandango has posed the following provocative question: “If you could be the opposite sex for one day, what would you do?” My (Satur)day as a man. I'd love to wake up in the nude and go pee standing up AND LEAVE THE TOILET SEAT UP. Then head for the bedroom and put on some skivvies,… Continue reading Who’s Your Man?

Christmas · fiction

The Ballad of Yukon Cornelius

  image link Keele Peak in Mackenzie Mountain range Breeds snow 12 months a year To get to the top takes grit and mean And untold hours of prayer   Refrain: Yukon Cornelius Born with a pickaxe in his hand Yukon Cornelius Find Santa’s gold if you can   A man named Ringo traveled there… Continue reading The Ballad of Yukon Cornelius

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image link I’m reclining on an air chaise that has soft arms with an attached table with drink holder and small cooler, in the middle of the pool.  In the holder sits a chilled globed glass with orange pineapple juice with grapefruit Stoli over cranberry juice rocks. It is Summer, with a clear sky overhead,… Continue reading Merman


Blankety Part 1

image link They say that what other people think of us is none of our business.  Can the same be said for what people do when we are not around; is it any of our business?  Should we care whether or not the tree makes a sound in the woods when it falls? I guess,… Continue reading Blankety Part 1