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What do you see # 42 — The Muse

She'd been held hostage in the rustic cottage for weeks. The daughter of a wealthy international businessman, the kidnapping had happened when the family was on vacation in South America. Her captors were brusque but they treated her with care as she was worth a lot of money to them. Every day she made a… Continue reading What do you see # 42 — The Muse

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#FF — lullaby

Tourists returned to the village of Hualong, after enduring five years of rigidly enforced international travel restrictions. Three years prior, laissez faire attitudes and practices had killed or disabled twenty million worldwide. The vaccine was developed from a tropical fungus that could be easily mass-produced. Mae could hear them in her upper apartment over the… Continue reading #FF — lullaby

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FFFC 78 — a rare find

Andy and Lance had gone over this field dozens of times over the years. Now both in their 70's their steps were a little shorter and the wave of the detector a little slower. That sunny Saturday morning Andy's machine had a conniption fit. What on earth could it be. He spaded up the area… Continue reading FFFC 78 — a rare find

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#FF — Dark Passage

Southwest circuit was from Albuquerque to Phoenix to Vegas to San Diego to L.A. -- and every truck stop in between. The Fleetwood rolled 365. Rick maintained a stable of six girls, earning enough to keep them looking pretty with plenty of substances to keep them pliable. More than six became a pain in his… Continue reading #FF — Dark Passage

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FFFC 77 — heaven on earth

My parents wanted me to be an accountant. That made me blue. Instead I dreamed of palettes across the sky. College was not to be. I hitched a ride on the star of a Gypsy and we embarked on adventures only dreamers may travel. Across time zones, continents, and oceans we found ourselves in a… Continue reading FFFC 77 — heaven on earth

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What do you see # 41 — Orphan’s lament

  Mama and I one sunny afternoon were climbing in the branches of the pomegranate tree and savoring the sweet juicy fruit when we heard a rustling in the bushes below. Mama carried me on her back to a higher limb and put me on a thick part where I could cling and gave me… Continue reading What do you see # 41 — Orphan’s lament

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Thursday Inspiration 67 — Grandmother’s Gift

From the time she was a toddler following her grandmother down the rows of raised beds of strawberries she knew she wanted to grow things like her. Her chubby hands reached for the bright red berries, and she giggled as the red juice ran down her face and sundress. She looked up and saw grandmother's… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 67 — Grandmother’s Gift

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What do you see # 40 — A message from heaven

As the monk rang six notes on the gong in the garden, six holy figures single-filed into the room, their long hair and silken robes of many hues flowing together as they moved. The only sounds aside from the now-fading sixth note of the gong were the stream tinkling outside of the window and the… Continue reading What do you see # 40 — A message from heaven

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#FF — A scout finds her purpose

The Belafonte was rounding Cape Horn, headed back to Pescespada Island, when Vikram called out to Pelé, “You're not going to believe what I'm seeing!” Pelé joined Vikram at the underwater observation porthole; his eyes grew wide as he gasped. “Go get Steve and everybody!” Soon the entire crew was gathered around, agog. Were they… Continue reading #FF — A scout finds her purpose

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#FFFC 76 — War Wounds

After the war left, memories of those now gone remained. Not only the dozens she knew and loved who were killed or died, but the dismembered and maggot-chewed corpses lining ditches wherever she walked. In the light of day they receded into the mists under the shadows of trees. But as the sun followed its… Continue reading #FFFC 76 — War Wounds