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#FFFC 68 — Every 30 years

On the first day of the summer solstice the villagers of the seaside village of Winsome noticed a house between the cliffs and the sea that had never been there before. It was a curious-looking habitation where the cottage was made of stone and a brick tower appeared to have been added as an afterthought.… Continue reading #FFFC 68 — Every 30 years

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Thursday Inspiration 58 — Queen Mab and the Rains

Blue greeted the sky like a long-lost stranger, shoving the months-long blanket of clouds that seemed to have an infinite supply of rain to pour down on the land aside. Queen Mab's castle, Dreamstone, was made of multi-hued faerie stone. Dreamstone was built in the time of The Crones and stood at the top of… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 58 — Queen Mab and the Rains

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Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #67 — They Live and They Live lives on…

Nada and Frank, just trying to survive in the mean streets, ended up duking it out in what has been called, “the bloodiest buddy battle in cinema." Afterwards, Nada put the glasses on Frank. https://youtu.be/yjw_DuNkOUw   https://youtu.be/dN8Z7y_QcwE   Shepard Fairey took the concept and ran with it. Frank Shepard Fairey (born February 15, 1970) is… Continue reading Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #67 — They Live and They Live lives on…

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What do you see # 31 — The Last Nightmare

  Every night it is the same. In my dream I find myself on a dark pathway in a foggy night forest, moving towards an eerie-looking house with a single light in the upstairs window. I am petrified but unable to stop my feet from walking up to the front door. It appears to be… Continue reading What do you see # 31 — The Last Nightmare

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#FF — Pink Peace

Ladies Of The Universal Sacrament's (LOTUS) operations convene in their new headquarters on Tuesday. The mobile complex includes She-House, habi-condos, and a silver jade fountain that flows with artesian spring water. LOTUS assesses, monitors, and enforces The Sacrament – peace in the galaxy. Like its predecessor, the Bat Light, the Telepathic Neon Lotus (aka Pink… Continue reading #FF — Pink Peace

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#MM Saturday Mix — Only $5!

My roomie in college's combination of impulsiveness and kind-heartedness, in retrospect, led to the worst and best days of my life. The day we walked down to the convenience store and saw the cutest little red-headed girl sitting on the curb with a rattling, scratching box, Mimi couldn't resist the tiny mutt pup for “only… Continue reading #MM Saturday Mix — Only $5!

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#FF — The Justified Boys

The Justified Boys Four farmer's kids did their morning chores, met up, and wandered woods, fields, and streams until dinner bells. Raylan, Arlo, Boyd, and Art dreamed music most nights. Some might think it was a shared mission sent from up above. After harvest, each boy was given a small share of what was left… Continue reading #FF — The Justified Boys

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What do you see # 30 — Another chance?

After the end times when only scattered evidence of human existence were left, what it meant to be human faded into dust. The planet's sickness subsided and all living things began to flourish in the harmony of a balanced ecosystem. It was then that The Goddess chose to visit Mother Gaia for tea. She arrived… Continue reading What do you see # 30 — Another chance?

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FFFC #66 — Fatal Flaw

Fatal Flaw The consummate game designer sipped his tea while reminiscing over bug fixes he'd done on this one over the years. The “forty days forty nights” reboot appeared to restore balance to it. “Series of hurricanes” kept the players busy for awhile, but soon they were right back to the flawed parts that threw… Continue reading FFFC #66 — Fatal Flaw

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#FF — O’ahu Resurrection

Out of breath after barely catching the bus, I looked for a seat. Being a haole, no alohas were found in the faces of the Islanders – except his. Mine said mahalo as I sat. I told him my divorce was new; that in the end my ex saw me as poke and I saw… Continue reading #FF — O’ahu Resurrection