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Thursday Inspiration 39 — Flower Power

I have what they call Flower Power. It starts at the tip of my ratted lavender-scented bouffant and vines down to the tips of my squeaky yellow PVC boots. As I fly over spring terrain, my shimmery green silk cape sends sparkles everywhere that makes seeds germinate when my boyfriend hero, Sol, warms things up.… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 39 — Flower Power

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#FF — Breathe

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll Breathe The schedule rested on the ledge at the guard shack. Electric devices long gone, the only way to make an appointment was to physically make one in the book. Reservations were out weeks; visitors felt blessed it wasn't months. Dome Association sites each had rustic campsites for waiters.… Continue reading #FF — Breathe

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What do you see? #12 — Honeypie (ハニーパイ Hanīpai)

Honeypie had reigned as the star of anime soap operas for the last 50 years. Biographies on the animators who brought Honeypie to life always made sure to include the information that the Tamaguchi family sons were solely responsible for creating all Honeypie anime. It had started with the senior Tamaguchi in 1970, then passed… Continue reading What do you see? #12 — Honeypie (ハニーパイ Hanīpai)

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#FFFC 49 — Awakening

A thousand years ago, it was buried deep in the ground, high in the mountains. Each year the Spring rains washed away a little more of the soil. This year, 2020, it rested among the trees and moss, enjoying sunshine and warm breezes. Once it warmed to 98.6 degrees, the pod would awake and a… Continue reading #FFFC 49 — Awakening

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The Winner (mature audiences only)

The phone rang Friday afternoon. Betsy almost dropped her cell when she heard the words, “You won the writing contest.” At first she thought it was a prank call. She'd told so many people about entering the contest, but invariably when they heard what the story was about, they got funny looks on their faces… Continue reading The Winner (mature audiences only)

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#MM Music Challenge — She belongs to the night

“The sun goes down the night rolls in You can feel it starting all over again The moon comes up and the music calls” --from Glenn Frey's, "You Belong to the City" She tries not to think about how long ago it was. That night when everything changed. If only she hadn't fallen asleep on… Continue reading #MM Music Challenge — She belongs to the night

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Thursday Inspiration 38 — Candy-Colored Clown

In an alternate universe clowns are like sunshine -- everyone loves them. All of those fabulous colors, bulbous nose, wild hair, and big shoes. There has to be a fall guy in every circus; a star in every sky. As she spins she sings to the calliope music in her head. Twirling kaleidoscope in cracked… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 38 — Candy-Colored Clown

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What do you see? #11 — Jill and the Beanstalk

It took Princess Jill years on her quest to find a crone who had magic beans that could grow a stalk up to the predatory giant ogre's, Hairy Vineswine's, castle in the sky. She was going to go home to her kingdom for a farewell visit before planting the beans, but time was a-wasting. The… Continue reading What do you see? #11 — Jill and the Beanstalk

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#FFFC #48 — The Favorite

The Favorite Joe built Tommy in his 9th grade wood sculpture class. As Joe was an artist in his soul, he allowed the wood to shape itself into what it was meant to be – Tommy emerged. Made of cherry wood from a tree limb pruned from one in his back yard, Joe made the… Continue reading #FFFC #48 — The Favorite

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Thursday Inspiration 37 — Internal Coil

Internal Coil Built by the hand of God With tender loving care Kindly puppetmistress Programmed to love and share. They say I am alive I move by inner spring When things are going well I wind up and I sing When wound up with your spite Trapped in your glittered eyes Kind puppetmistress fades Myself… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 37 — Internal Coil