Fandango's One Word Challenge (FOWC) · poetry

which oneo?

Fandango, your question of dependent or dependant inspired my poem today  🙂 audio or video? pan or liddeo? fat or thineo? green or blueo? hot or coldeo? will or wonteo? laugh or cryeo? pitch or catcheo? cavatini or macaroneo? dog or cateo? cow or chickeneo? fish or clameo? salt or peppereo? flakes or wheatieseo? now… Continue reading which oneo?

dverse · poetry · remembrance

memory of the lake

image link I tried to remember the tactility of a day at the beach as a child.  * summer at the small inland lake soft fleece blanket lays on the warm sand anchored with the cooler and our flip flops pulling off tank tops and shorts warm breeze tickles the hair on our arms and… Continue reading memory of the lake

Word of the Day Challenge · short story


The familiar sound of mail being dropped through the postal slot caught Chauncey's bat-like ears. He jumped up and scurried across the wooden floors, his nails skittering like human fingers tapping on a keyboard, towards the door. Sniffing the mail, he then bee-lined it for the couch, leaping like the natural athlete he is, to… Continue reading Listless

movie review · Word of the Day Challenge

Castigation in Film

Today's word of the day is castigation, which M-W defines as, "to subject to severe punishment, reproof, or criticism".  In a bit of synchronicity, I watched a library loan movie, "Force Majeure" (2014), aka "Turist", last night, which is a meticulous study of castigation.  Imdb gives the minimal description, "A family vacationing in the French… Continue reading Castigation in Film

art · Word of the Day Challenge

Examples of Finesse

image link -- Henri Matisse's, "Nude in a White Turban"   threading a needle while riding a bike * playing jenga on a unicycle * starting a fire on a first try * successful sourdough rise in mid-winter * getting hardboiled eggshell off in less than 10 seconds * tying a shoelace with one hand… Continue reading Examples of Finesse

dreams · dverse · poetry

Dream Cave

Recently, when I did the collage for Janis Joplin saving the day in my Manifestation story, I also created this collage.  There was nothing particular in mind while searching through the boxes of cutout images, other than wanting it to have a dream-like quality to it. Then, yesterday, I read dverse prompt Meet the bar… Continue reading Dream Cave

music · Song Lyric Sunday

In Honor of Remembrance Day UK & Veteran’s Day US

image link Another one for Song Lyric Sunday, as I see it is a memorial day for the fallen in the UK.  After listening to Soul Cages, I was reminded of another Sting tune that speaks to the memorial.  Update:  embarrassed to say I didn't realize it was Veteran's Day in the US!  It's for… Continue reading In Honor of Remembrance Day UK & Veteran’s Day US

music · Song Lyric Sunday

George Harrison, “Beware of Darkness”

In 2014, I bought the box set of  George Harrison: The Apple Years 68-75, which has his first 6 solo albums, as well as a video disk with short documentary, music video, etc. Being honest here, I can't say I've gotten much past the “All Things Must Pass” CD. George Harrison and his solo music… Continue reading George Harrison, “Beware of Darkness”

blitz · poetry · Word of the Day Challenge

Tacky or Silk?

image link Today's offering is a blitz poem , which is where you pretty much do stream of consciousness.  Usually I do these with no real idea in mind of where it is going.  Today's is different in that I kept the word of the day challenge -- tactile in mind  while writing it.  This… Continue reading Tacky or Silk?

Fandango's One Word Challenge (FOWC) · health

Reluctant Guide

  Health is a homeostatic condition where all of the systems and functions operate collaboratively and harmoniously with each other in the microcosm and with the environment in the macrocosm. Our bodies are like well-tuned machines that were designed long ago and have been refined over millions of years. Health is something that is often… Continue reading Reluctant Guide