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Beyond Frankenstein

image link WARNING:  THIS STORY IS DARK AND MAY BE OFFENSIVE TO READERS.  ONLY ADULT READERS SHOULD READ THE STORY. Fandango's FOWC is theory, the Word of the Day Challenge is itching, Paula's 3 Things Challenge words are: hammock, whistle, robot , AND A Guy Called Bloke's, Oh Prompt Me Do!! – Creativity's ragamuffin. Dr.… Continue reading Beyond Frankenstein

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Oh Prompt Me Do!! — Spooky — Jerry’s World Chapter 2

Here is another prompt from A Guy Called Bloke.  He's got daily challenges that are fun. Oh my Gawd!! You open your eyes and to your horror you find yourself unable to move, your memory is foggy, it’s dark, you can hear noises somewhere around you .. above you maybe, you try to cry out… Continue reading Oh Prompt Me Do!! — Spooky — Jerry’s World Chapter 2

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Jerry’s World

image link Fandango's FOWC is tacit, the Word of the Day Challenge is desire, and Paula's 3 Things Challenge words are:  chemistry, blanket, mailbox Warning: story is on the darker side, so if you don't like dark, please skip. Jerry lived on the first floor of the apartment building. His door was across the hall… Continue reading Jerry’s World

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Double Feature Double Entendre — mature audiences only

cartoon link A double entendre is a word, phrase, etc. that has two meanings, one of them usually of a sexual nature. There are two songs I want to talk about today that I think are double entendre songs. First I will link the video, then the lyrics, then my thoughts about it. If you… Continue reading Double Feature Double Entendre — mature audiences only

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Madness Ignited

image link   Fandango's FOWC today is madness and Word of the Day Challenge is ignite. This gloomy weather is getting to me. Today's offering is both disturbing and frightening. WARNING:  It may be triggering and is not suitable for children. Don't say you weren't warned! a finger traces an imaginary line down a path… Continue reading Madness Ignited

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Blue Twilight Zone

click for essay, "The obsession with creating ‘perfect female robots’: Should women be worried?" Warning:  this post contains material of a sexual nature that is not appropriate for children and may be objectionable to some adults. Last night I watched a 45-minute netflix offering about the subject of fembots, called, “My Sex Robot”. Going to… Continue reading Blue Twilight Zone

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image link *warning:  content may offend some readers Today's poem is in the triquain form.   we found you violating a child trial by villagers; sentenced to death burned at the stake in a bonfire at the churchyard we spread your ashes over our fields you've helped feed us for years we give thanks  … Continue reading Justice*

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Poetry Day 25 — Bride’s Revenge

image link Today's prompt is "door swings both ways" and the suggested form is triquain .   Swinging door made me think saloon.  The following is a "triquain chain".   swinging door midnight, Rosie's Saloon sauntering in, looking for trouble chorus of chairs screech back, bartender grabs shotgun even the girls pause to look, then run… Continue reading Poetry Day 25 — Bride’s Revenge

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Father John (content warning)

image link The following is drawn loosely from a documentary I saw and from watching scary movies.  Please be warned there is disturbing content and imagery that may be triggering.   The elderly priest shuffles down the stone path, carefully balancing with his cane, which is carved with the long-suffering face of a blood-soaked, thorn-crowned… Continue reading Father John (content warning)

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image link I’m reclining on an air chaise that has soft arms with an attached table with drink holder and small cooler, in the middle of the pool.  In the holder sits a chilled globed glass with orange pineapple juice with grapefruit Stoli over cranberry juice rocks. It is Summer, with a clear sky overhead,… Continue reading Merman