#FF — First Domino

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson Ada, Bonnie, Christy, Donna, Eileen, Francina, and Ginette grew up together in St. Ignace. Their mothers stayed home and made pasties. Their fathers worked as woodsmen, railroad men, and on the ships of Lake Michigan. They married young and followed their parents’ footsteps. They canned food in autumn, made quilts…

Growing Friendship

image link Mayzey started volunteering twenty hours a week at the community garden. She hoped to build new friendships with other volunteers, and it wasn’t long before she met one of the regulars. Matiz was in his 70s and had been helping with the garden since it was first planted twenty years previously. Matiz was…

Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, July 10th 2019, friendship

laughter and straw hats navigate festival crowds fun weather friends whiskey and ears navigate breakup tears all-weather friends coffee and muffins friends laugh while infants play at their mothers’ feet anything happens feel first, then think of sharing with my best friend a real friend’s advice more precious than gold no pyrite suspected quiet cafe…

dVerse — Quadrille — Two Sips

“Soul Infusion” lithograph by Benjamin Creme Mish is the host of dVerse tonight. Mish says: It’s that time again to indulge in our very own dVerse creation, the “Quadrille”. For those of you who have not yet indulged, this is a poem of 44 words, not including the title. It must contain one given word….

Goodbye Theresa

image link I need you. Too bad. I’m hurting. Too busy. We’re friends. Not like that. Since childhood. Things change. He hurt me. Told you so. Let’s meet. I’ll try. You have time. Your point? I need you. Too bad. I’m hurting. Can’t help you. Goodbye. No response.