dVerse — Smoke & Mirrors — Blinded

image link Drop dead gorgeous with or without make-up, dressed to the nines or in raggedy sweats Brilliant, curious, well-spoken, creative, initiative-guru Writer, poet, boo-boo patcher home maker through impeccable hand-made taste. A human being in every sense in touch with her higher power. By any eye and ear. “You're the sexiest thing alive!”                                                       … Continue reading dVerse — Smoke & Mirrors — Blinded

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#MM Saturday Mix – Lucky Dip — tanka — Lilies in August

Lilies in August Caged underground to bright-petaled divas preening, their faces sunward. They call their many suitors, who crawl, run, and fly to them. Sarah is the host of Mindlovemisery Menagerie's Saturday Mix.  Sarah says: For this week’s Lucky Dip, I have reached into my mystery bag and pulled out a Tanka. The topic is… Continue reading #MM Saturday Mix – Lucky Dip — tanka — Lilies in August

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RIP, my beloved — paeansunpluggedblog

Our affair started in school at a young age I was so enamoured that I wanted to keep you close all the time, never letting you out of sight you became my mentor, my partner in crime, the instrument that opened my heart with you by my side, I became an intrepid warrior slaying with […]… Continue reading RIP, my beloved — paeansunpluggedblog

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Coloring Club Plus — 8/10/19

Today's Celtic letter "K" is dual-dedicated.  First it is dedicated to the musical group, The Killers.  Second, it is dedicated to Kerfe Roig, a blogger/artist/poet who inspires me with her creations. I first heard The Killers through my older son, who has introduced me to a lot of good music. It was their first album,… Continue reading Coloring Club Plus — 8/10/19

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50 Word Thursday — Everyday American Hero

“Miss Wonderly murmured, “Thank you,” softly as before and sat down on the edge of the chair’s wooden seat.” – The Maltese Falcon – Dashiell Hammett. Miss Wonderly learned that the refugee couple, Elvira and Javier Miro, now attending their church, were stopped at the border six months ago. They were separated from their children… Continue reading 50 Word Thursday — Everyday American Hero

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#MM — Music Challenges — Heartbreak Hotel

Jim chose to write about, “Heartbreak Hotel,” which is full of, well, heartbreak. When I went to lyrics.com and put hotel in the search box, it came back with 6,263 songs with lyrics containing hotel. That doesn't even include motel. Why is it that motels/hotels are so often sung about as these dwelling places of… Continue reading #MM — Music Challenges — Heartbreak Hotel

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Pollock — Pain’s Paint and dVerse OLN 8/8/19

It doesn't matter how the paint is put on, as long as something is said. Something sad Sad how? It doesn't matter how. Put on paint – matter. Paint it. Something matters? How doesn't it? Doesn't it? Paint is pain, long-mattered Pain's paint says something mattered. Put on pain's paint and matter -- as long… Continue reading Pollock — Pain’s Paint and dVerse OLN 8/8/19

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#MM — Photo Challenge — Insomnia

– image by Julien Tabet Like a wraith, in the night Insomnia descends Smell the stench of my blight Foul visit never ends Insomnia descends Counted sheep attack me Foul visit never ends Dread is at an acme. Counted sheep attack me As wooly-bodied snakes Dread is at an acme. My frightened sleep escapes As… Continue reading #MM — Photo Challenge — Insomnia

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Coloring Club Plus — 8/5/19

Yes, late again.  My apologies.  My kids came over around 2:30 yesterday and stayed until 4:30.  I left at 4:30 to go to a cidery for ice cold cider, good food, and excellent conversation along with many laughs with friends. Got home from there and decided to watch movies instead of listening to music and… Continue reading Coloring Club Plus — 8/5/19

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A Spark of Creativity — Bewitched

Image by Reimund Bertrams from Pixabay It all started the night Jax and I broke up. Lying in bed and crying until there were no more tears left, I decided to push past my usual fear of the dark and drive out to the lake. The water was barely rippling under a midnight blue sky… Continue reading A Spark of Creativity — Bewitched