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Movie Review — Damsel (2018)

image link from imdb -- Damsel (2018): It's the Wild West, circa 1870. Samuel Alabaster, an affluent pioneer, ventures across the American frontier to marry the love of his life, Penelope. As his group traverses the west, the once-simple journey grows treacherous, blurring the lines between hero, villain and damsel.  Written and Directed by:  David… Continue reading Movie Review — Damsel (2018)



When I joined WP July 2017, there were no issues with me "liking" and commenting on the blogs of the individuals I follow.  This user-friendliness continued until January of 2018.  I was on break from WP from then until 2-4 weeks or so ago.  Now that I am back, writing, reading, liking, and commenting, there… Continue reading Apology


How Louis C.K. and the Rest of Us Failed in His Comeback Attempt — Consequence of Sound

100 % in agreement with what Brody Kenny says in this piece.  It's IMPORTANT. This past Sunday, audience members at New York’s Comedy Cellar witnessed a surprise set from Louis C.K.. The surprise came not only from C.K.’s re-emergence from several months in exile after his history of sexual impropriety (masturbating in front of unwilling… Continue reading How Louis C.K. and the Rest of Us Failed in His Comeback Attempt — Consequence of Sound

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Late summer nature

image link Queen Anne's lace fringes the edges of long green lawn ruffling with the breeze. Bees and butterflies, yellow, black, red, orange, blue, ride the gentle swells. Crickets and cicada chirp and thrum in concert with chickadee and finch. Apple, pear, and locust branches bob, leaves rustle in flickering sunlight.

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Paterson (2016)

insert link Yesterday the first disc arrived from my renewed subscription to netflix discs. I found it through an Adam Driver search and chose it when I saw Jim Jarmusch directs and saw that it was about a poet who has a day job.  Who could resist this trifecta? I watched Paterson last night.  Already… Continue reading Paterson (2016)

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Ai WeiWei

Chinese artist, Ai WeiWei, has been known as a rabble rouser in China, New York, and across the planet.  Last summer, we were fortunate enough to have several of his pieces on exhibit at the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids.  Since then I've developed an interest in his life, political history,… Continue reading Ai WeiWei

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Radiohead on 8 bit and other bits

image link Not long ago, younger son asked me if I had heard any of Radiohead's music on 8 bit.  First I had to ask him what 8 bit was.  He said it is the electronic generated music that is often heard in videogames.  I told him no, but then I went out to youtube… Continue reading Radiohead on 8 bit and other bits

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If Love was Enough

image link If love was enough, I’d overlook your unwavering putdowns of others whose faces you smile into, million small cuts, relentless putdowns of me, non-dissuadable gaslighting, insistence for appeasement, unsatiable abyss of need and want for any and everything.   If love was enough, I’d allow only your smile, laugh, kindness to animals, knowledge… Continue reading If Love was Enough


Christmas Character Origin Story Flash Challenge

Are you ready to write a Christmas Character Origin story? Check out Fiction Playground for more details!

Fiction Playground


First of all allow me to apologize if you have been looking for this post for nearly a week. I wrongly assumed I could return from my bi-annual international mission trip with my head collected and ready to resume my regular activities. Even after my fourth trip I found my head to be anything but ready to be “back to normal”. Of course that assumes a normality exists in every day life which is a fallacy in itself.

With that out of the way I offer you a hearty WELCOME! If you are still with me this far in then you are one of those willing to try your hand at this Christmas themed challenge. For those just jumping aboard this jingle bell express let me give you the skinny. Between now and Christmas Day I challenge you to write an origin story for your favorite Christmas character. Now we…

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