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Women Music March #23 — Grace Slick (in Great Society)

Jim Adams suggested I feature Grace Slick on Women Music March. Thank you, Jim, I was surprised at how much I learned about Grace while composing the post. Please feel free to add any other information on her in the comments section. Grace Slick (born Grace Barnett Wing, October 30, 1939) is an American singer-songwriter,… Continue reading Women Music March #23 — Grace Slick (in Great Society)

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dVerse — barns, moons, and baseballs

It takes 3.6 million jasmine blossoms to make one pound of jasmine essential oil. There are 9,600 drops of it in every pound. Dividing the number of jasmine blossoms by 9600 comes to 375 jasmine blossoms per drop of oil. When I woke up this morning and looked outside, I saw my barn had burnt… Continue reading dVerse — barns, moons, and baseballs

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WPP #1 — Said Mrs. Thomas McDonagh

Said Mrs. Thomas McDonagh Ears awake or drowned with sleep hear wailing Realize the voice I hear's my own grevious flame Bound with a rough rope of sorrow in the dark Round the clock dying, anchored in the dark You're beneath soil so far away, silently wailing Lost to smiles and hugs and home hearth's… Continue reading WPP #1 — Said Mrs. Thomas McDonagh

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dVerse — Whispers from the beach

https://youtu.be/E7qRkUYu580   A gentle sizzled whoosh of roaring speech That never takes a chance to stop and rest A voice that always whispers from the beach The sand, now zoo of footprints pressed upon From webbed and clawed escapees of the sea Do not forget when water sole was on 'Twas muffled then in distant… Continue reading dVerse — Whispers from the beach

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A2Z Challenge 2020 Theme Reveal!

Many of my readers have already seen what my A2Z theme will be this April.  For those who haven't and for other A2Z 2020 participants who are interested in blog-hopping to find new, cool blogs, ::::DRUM ROLL:::: ESSENTIAL OILS ARE THIS YEAR'S THEME My main source of information will be the comprehensive 800 page plus… Continue reading A2Z Challenge 2020 Theme Reveal!


dVerse — a day (or week) in the life — m-f

m-f m 2 am eyelid oil rigs pumping 4 am sagging, then curling into nightmares 6 am anchored in steaming shower 8 am cubicled and waiting 10 am called to private conference 12 pm gagging in stall 2 pm trying to catch up 4 pm the late cubicle drop 6 pm wrapping things up 8… Continue reading dVerse — a day (or week) in the life — m-f


A Love Poetry Trilogy. Covers revealed!

Frank Prem has new books of poetry coming out this year. The first one can be in your hands by Valentines Day.

Frank Prem Poetry

It’s possibly not wise for me to do this, but I get very excited when I hit a milestone, and I think that has now happened.

I’ve finished the format work for ebooks and paperbacks of the 3 books in A Love Poetry Trilogy, and am starting to schedule the releases.

That doesn’t mean that the contents are finalised – there is still content editing to be done, but the size and shape and look of the three collections is set now.

Walk Away Silver Heart is set for 14th February (Valentine’s Day) and can be pre-ordered now.

A Kiss For The Worthy has just been uploaded to Kindle and will be available for pre-order shortly, with a 3oth April release date.

Rescue and Redemption hasn’t been uploaded yet, but I’m aiming for 30th June release date.

The paperbacks will be released a month after the e-books.

I’m very…

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