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This Eddie Money song was recorded on his Platinum-certified album No Control, which was released in 1982.  It was co-written by Eddie Money, Elizabeth Myers a composer who usually worked on commercials, and his bass player Ralph Carter, and it was released as a single, reaching #63 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and #9 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks.  It’s possible that this song could have placed higher than #63 if he had removed a word that was forbidden from the airwaves, but he decided to slip in the line, “Her tits were shakin’”.  Eddie Money sings about a wild night with a reckless gal named Rosanna.  She takes him for a ride in her daddy’s car, blows out the speakers and gets high.  Later on, she treats him to a strip tease, well she took her coat off.  The whole time, there’s plenty of shakin’ going on…

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Thursday Inspiration 40 and dVerse OLN — Lead on

I dreamed you, sinews stretched beneath silky fur, leading me, jumping, lean muscles rippling, towards the jungle.     Today's poem is in shadorma form. Paula Light is the host of Thursday Inspiration.  Paula says: This week’s theme is jump and the picture is [above.]  Here is the song snippet from “Jump” recorded by the… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 40 and dVerse OLN — Lead on

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MI State Senator speaking out against sexual harassment. YOU GO GIRL!

Michigan Sen. Mallory McMorrow talks sexual harassment complaint against Sen. Peter Lucido.   https://youtu.be/y7qgbpZ232w   Read more about it here.   I can't say how much I admire Senator McMorrow for speaking out.  Everything she says in this video about the ongoing "little things" that women are expected to shoulder as part of being in… Continue reading MI State Senator speaking out against sexual harassment. YOU GO GIRL!

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#MM Saturday Mix – Mad About Metaphor — Sunshine Sláinte

Marcy was raised in a home where alcohol consumption was standard practice for the adults at every family gathering. The men seemed to have a preference for whiskey and beer, and the women enjoyed their vodka, tequila, and wine. The adults seemed to have a lot of fun while consuming their alcoholic beverages, laughing and… Continue reading #MM Saturday Mix – Mad About Metaphor — Sunshine Sláinte


Our Cartoon President — Hobo Moon Cartoons

https://www.youtube.com/embed/videoseries?list=PLZ8c54cxQG2Er3jT_VcduPQWzeNMvvrzl&hl=en_US Stephen Colbert & Chris Licht (2020) Executive produced by multiple Emmy winner Stephen Colbert and his Late Show executive producer, Chris Licht. Starring two-dimensional avatars of Donald Trump and his merry band of insiders and family members, this cutting-edge comedy presents the truish adventures of Trump, his confidants and bon vivants. It’s a workplace… Continue reading Our Cartoon President — Hobo Moon Cartoons


Courage and disappointment

I received the form rejection email for the story I submitted to Write Michigan today. It was folly to think that the first story I ever sent in anywhere had a snowball's chance in hell, but it was still disappointing. What took courage for me was to go to the website and look at the… Continue reading Courage and disappointment

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#MM Music Challenge — She belongs to the night

“The sun goes down the night rolls in You can feel it starting all over again The moon comes up and the music calls” --from Glenn Frey's, "You Belong to the City" She tries not to think about how long ago it was. That night when everything changed. If only she hadn't fallen asleep on… Continue reading #MM Music Challenge — She belongs to the night

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Visualizing The Beatles – Part 1

I read about “Visualizing The Beatles: A Complete Graphic History of the World's Favorite Band” on another blog (sorry, can't remember which one) and was blessed because the local district library had it. I'm about 50 pages in and have to say that I love the visual format of the book. For visually-oriented individuals like… Continue reading Visualizing The Beatles – Part 1


Winter’s Dark Blanket Awaits ~ collaboration poem

Check this out. Ken at rivrvlogr wove his poem and mine together into a lovely tribute to the season.


Winter’s Dark Blanket Awaits

On a fir tree dressed in snow
with a green-white brocade,
pine cones cast shadows in moonlight.
As the old year is put to sleep,
dreaming forevermore in silent night beauty,
its light germinates a New Year.

To create this poem, I’ve woven together my haiku response to Frank Tassone’s Christmas challenge with the tanka response by Lisa at Tao Talk to Frank’s New Year challenge.

Image source: unsplash.com / Aaron Burden
(edited here)

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