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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #95 — acatalepsy

Source: https://www.adventureinyou.com/ I went out and did a little reading and found info at wikipedia (my favorite learning destination). It talks about the philosophy of the Stoics, who believed that truth could be absolutely apprehended, which is katalepsis. There was an “opposing” group called The Academics, who believed this was not true, and called it… Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #95 — acatalepsy

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A Matter of Life & Death

image link that goes to article about risks of high protein diet for those in middle age Carol worked as a dietician as part of a multi-disciplinary team that included doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, personal trainers, and psychologists. The team served those who were considering bariatric surgery. There were two things unique about the team.… Continue reading A Matter of Life & Death

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dVerse — Haibun — Summer’s Growth Bath

Merril is the host of dVerse today. Merril says: So today, I want you to conjure the magic of nature in your haibun. Think about the words, too, as of course, you do in poetry anyway. With the almost-daily rains, every herbaceous being grows lush with green. Where the bearded iris have two blossoms other… Continue reading dVerse — Haibun — Summer’s Growth Bath

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dVerse — Haibun — Grounding

image link (not the actual cemetery) Frank J. Tassone is the host of dVerse for Haibun Monday. Frank says: What is worth remembering? Why are some events so important that we need to memorialize them, while others we can let slip away? How do we truly honor whom, or what, we want to remember? Using… Continue reading dVerse — Haibun — Grounding

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Saturday Mix – Mad About Metaphor, 25 May 2019 — Coffee Talk

My first job aside from babysitting was at 17 years old, in a small, family-owned bakery on a small-town main street. One half of the storefront had the baked goods cases and built-in cabinets (where the back was open to the back, so bread could be slid in from there.) The other half of the… Continue reading Saturday Mix – Mad About Metaphor, 25 May 2019 — Coffee Talk

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Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, May 22nd 2019, my home is my castle

  When one is dreaming, a house represents one's life. Is it too much to ask that one has a waking dream of peaceful repose in one's home, and by extension, life? I know we humans are animals and survive in a jungle, but hasn't civilization taken upon itself the use of tools to organize… Continue reading Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, May 22nd 2019, my home is my castle

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dVerse — Saturn’s Dragon, Earth Dog

I, Yellow Dragon, forged from Saturn, brought to Earth as an egg, retain my spirit in the heart of a dog. Content to find myself between seasons, directions, elements, and male-female aspects, I'm in the center, and part of all. I jump upon strangers with anxiety but also lick the face of a child crying… Continue reading dVerse — Saturn’s Dragon, Earth Dog

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haibun to fallen willow

The great limb of one of the front willows had most of itself cut up by a friendly neighbor yesterday. It didn't take him long with his chainsaw. He insisted he wanted nothing for doing it, which makes me suspicious, but maybe I'm paranoid. He wanted to carry the logs and piles to the brush… Continue reading haibun to fallen willow

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dVerse — Haibun — Picnic on the Beach

Picnic on the Beach, by August Macke Gina is the host of dVerse today.  Gina says: Our theme for this week’s haibun is picnic! Share with us a memory from a picnic – your haibun must not be fictional but a real experience! Write a haibun based on the prompt, with 1 to 2 tight… Continue reading dVerse — Haibun — Picnic on the Beach

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dVerse — haibun to the 32nd of March

image link Kim is the host of dVerse today.  Kim says: For this week’s Haibun Monday, write about April Fools’ Day: a time when you played a prank or had one played on you; the best April Fools’ prank you’ve experienced or heard of; or a memorable April Fools’ Day. You could even play a… Continue reading dVerse — haibun to the 32nd of March