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dVerse — haibun — reflections on quatrain

“Terminal Wasteland?” tells about my relationship with a partner from 2006 – 2017. It began as two broken and lonely people desperately seeking warmth in what seemed at the time a very cold world. Each of us had heavy loads of baggage that we sort of just hurled into the corner and forgot about, so… Continue reading dVerse — haibun — reflections on quatrain

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Spring Housekeeping

One of the house sliders is open to the air today. I walked out to the mailbox and once again looked at the fence post falling backward near the road, bluebird box attached. Another reminder to get this and the other three ready for their annual visitors. I came inside and found two screwdrivers; one… Continue reading Spring Housekeeping

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dVerse — barns, moons, and baseballs

It takes 3.6 million jasmine blossoms to make one pound of jasmine essential oil. There are 9,600 drops of it in every pound. Dividing the number of jasmine blossoms by 9600 comes to 375 jasmine blossoms per drop of oil. When I woke up this morning and looked outside, I saw my barn had burnt… Continue reading dVerse — barns, moons, and baseballs

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dVerse — taboos — three accusations

"The Circus" by Albina Felski As the oldest daughter of a mixed family of full-, half-, and step- siblings totaling 7, myself included, I often was left responsible for care taking all of them while mother and stepfather drank at the bar until it closed. The first accusation came when they took me aside and… Continue reading dVerse — taboos — three accusations

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dVerse — haibun — War Child

Some say that Mars was the son of Jupiter and Juno, but when Jupiter decided to “usurp the mother function” by giving birth to Minerva directly from his forehead, Juno needed a balancing response. She consulted the Goddess Flora; Flora obtained a magic flower by plucking it ritually, then impregnated Juno by touching her belly.… Continue reading dVerse — haibun — War Child

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #123 — silent scream

Sunset at Montmajour by Vincent van Gogh, painted 1888, discovered in 2013 Vincent van Gogh was born in 1853 in the Netherlands and died 37 years later, in 1890 in France. Born to a minister father and an artist mother, he worked towards being a priest but then rejected the structure of the church. Instead… Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #123 — silent scream

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Sunday afternoon winter poetry

Yesterday morning brought a red-tailed hawk close to the bird feeders. Only when her head swiveled to and fro and when she repositioned herself on the sapling was she brought to life. It seemed she was willing to risk detection at a chance to eat a warm meal. Perhaps she preferred an unsuccessful hunt to… Continue reading Sunday afternoon winter poetry

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dVerse — haibun Monday — Spring

Last week the library offered a free presentation on essential oils where every participant walked away with a spritzer bottle with a tea tree oil, lavender, and orange room freshener. I've carried the bottle with me from room to room and into the car. I spritzed my pillow, sheets, and heating pad with it as… Continue reading dVerse — haibun Monday — Spring

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dVerse — haibun — Polar beginning

Our family has been talking about toning down the materialism of Christmas for awhile. This year we did it. We traditionally have used amazon wishlists to ensure the gifts are wanted/needed. Older son put a total of one item on his list, which solidified the beginning of the new way. The gifts I bought them… Continue reading dVerse — haibun — Polar beginning

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Thursday Inspiration 35 — The Heart is the Home of the Brave

When I saw the picture and the song lyrics for this week's Thursday Inspiration, it reminded me of a movie I saw a few months back, called, “Alpha.” It tells the tale of a young man's survival in a harsh winter climate back in the times when humans were hunter-gatherers. The young man is out… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 35 — The Heart is the Home of the Brave