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OctPoWriMo2019 — mountains — mountain flame

  I've only been to the ocean a few times and to the mountains a handful of times in the geographical sense. I have been to the mountains many times in my mind while reading about them in Chinese poetry while studying Chinese philosophy from the time of philosophical taoism and the introduction of Confucius… Continue reading OctPoWriMo2019 — mountains — mountain flame

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dVerse — majestic — Acipenser fulvescens (Lake Sturgeon)

image link Lake sturgeon are a long‐lived species. They are the only sturgeon species endemic to the Great Lakes Basin and are the largest freshwater fish indigenous to this system. Lake sturgeon spawn in their natal rivers and prefer rocky areas in freshwater tributaries, usually along the outside bend of rivers as suitable spawning habitat.… Continue reading dVerse — majestic — Acipenser fulvescens (Lake Sturgeon)

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dVerse — haibun — indigenous — First People

It's going to be difficult to write about indigenous people in the North American continent without accompanying guilt and shame. First People are those who found a way to survive on a piece of land or a region for millenia, living and surviving as part of the ecosystems, taking what they needed and no more.… Continue reading dVerse — haibun — indigenous — First People

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dVerse — haibun — Surprise!

As each morning brings the ritual of opening all of the blinds, windows, and sliders, so does the dusk bring their closing. At times, the ritual is disrupted when heavy storms blow rain in; depending on the wind's direction doors and windows are closed accordingly, to keep out pooling water. One such afternoon, when the… Continue reading dVerse — haibun — Surprise!

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#MM Saturday Mix — Cry for the fallen

image link The twelve city commissioners were each direct descendants of the original city leaders from a hundred years ago. The closed leadership system had grown stale at least fifty years ago, but the citizens had been demoralized for longer than that. The word sterile came to mind. The commissioners cared about two things and… Continue reading #MM Saturday Mix — Cry for the fallen

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dVerse — Madness — Possessed

Mr. Jones tells about his childhood friend, a boy who lived with his mother, stepfather and brothers and sisters. The boy and his sibs never knew who would be chosen to “ride along” with stepfather, but they all knew what it meant. Years later, the boy, who is now a man, still lives at home… Continue reading dVerse — Madness — Possessed

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dVerse — Haibun — American Worker

image link American Worker The labor market for the unskilled and for those who don't have a piece of paper to open doors to full-time living wages is something I'm still getting used to observing. OK, let me take a step back and say, even if you are a skilled worker with a piece of… Continue reading dVerse — Haibun — American Worker

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Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, August 14th 2019, Tao Talk and Jade Li origin stories (I love the phrase origin story!)

Tao Talk was born a long time ago at deja news, then moved to yahoo. The individuals who posted there were people who were sick of the mayhem, trolls, etc. at the usenet group, alt.philosopy.taoism and wanted a quieter place to have conversations about taoism. As all things spring from the Mysterious Mother and all… Continue reading Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, August 14th 2019, Tao Talk and Jade Li origin stories (I love the phrase origin story!)

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dVerse – haibun – Hiroshima –Hibakujumoku

Looking way back at the Jurassic period ginkgo trees flourished across the Asian continent. Over millions of years, their fossils began to diminish. Two and a half million years ago, only a “handful of ginkgo lineages” remained, in the forests of Central China. At some point 1300 to 1400 trees made their way to Japan.… Continue reading dVerse – haibun – Hiroshima –Hibakujumoku

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #95 — acatalepsy

Source: https://www.adventureinyou.com/ I went out and did a little reading and found info at wikipedia (my favorite learning destination). It talks about the philosophy of the Stoics, who believed that truth could be absolutely apprehended, which is katalepsis. There was an “opposing” group called The Academics, who believed this was not true, and called it… Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #95 — acatalepsy