Word Garden Word List #11 (“A Ted Hughes Bestiary”)

Hatched from zodiac of needles and razors, talons and beaks of solely murderous pretense, feathered non-sophists soar thunder vapors; lofty cheesecake stars in post-holiday snaps but if inquisition were curious to know, not only chain-toppers but riflers of rubbish, and theft; opportune scavengers, symbols, screaming their credo in glittered looting arrogance: greed is good. image…

TSM 196 — Longfellow Kindku

Photography by Josephine Tell me, oh sweet creation, secrets, odds and ends, enjoyment and adventure. Your heart in its drums, field adance with daffodils, furry joy sublime, sailing kitten dreams — divine. Today’s offering is in the kindku form. Carrie is today’s host of The Sunday Muse.

dVerse — Form for All — A trip to the library

I raise my mask and leave the car,the slot not far.I drop them in;one circuit ends. I spy upon the reserve rackmy labeled stack.I scan them in;circuit begins. Outside mask drops; I breathe in frost,first bag car-tossed;next in I heaveinto; then leave.   This “minute” has been repeated for many circuits since retirement in 2018….

Dream — 3 Beatles, 4 Dreams

Three Beatles, Four Dreams I had all of these dreams in one night, one after another on approximately January 20, 2022 Dream 1The first dream had Shel Silverstein’s tree in it. George (Geo) walks up to the tree and thinks it is too thin, then he sees the double green lights of the video camera…