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Madness Ignited

image link   Fandango's FOWC today is madness and Word of the Day Challenge is ignite. This gloomy weather is getting to me. Today's offering is both disturbing and frightening. WARNING:  It may be triggering and is not suitable for children. Don't say you weren't warned! a finger traces an imaginary line down a path… Continue reading Madness Ignited

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I’m getting better

My ex-husband put himself through nursing school by working as an orderly at a hospital. He worked the psych unit and the ER as an orderly and did over 30 years as an ER nurse. He saw a lot of psych patients over that time. His expertise helped me once, when I had a bad… Continue reading I’m getting better

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  Word Challenge of the Day  is balmy.  Fandango One-Word Challenge is pending.   data would enter through her senses: sights, sounds, touches tastes, smells, but be trapped by thoughts, plans, dreams, many times stuck, rolling around, looping to absurdity, squeaking to halt -- terminal pending. * after the cleanup crew duct taped her to… Continue reading Balmy

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d’Verse Sonnet

image link This is a French Sonnet with 14 lines iambic hexameter of 12 syllables, with a rhyme scheme of aabb ccdd eeff gg. The sonnet is inspired by one of my favorite Pearl Jam songs, Crazy Mary. In the song, the family comes upon Crazy Mary after she's already an adult. The story told… Continue reading d’Verse Sonnet