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What do you see? #23 — One

Open book God reads our story How it starts How it ends And everything in between One page at a time We're alive! Interesting times Unfolding Together Holding spirit in our hearts One day at a time   Today's form is a double shadorma (3/5/3/3/7/5 x 2) Sadje is the host of What do you… Continue reading What do you see? #23 — One

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dVerse — quadrille 100 — Talisman

Conjuring refrained wah-wahs Apple scruffs bridge two worlds Sad gnome sheds his beard A clean-slated tap-dancer Twirls through Friar Park Magic mantra circuits of Kaleidoscopic waves Neutralize shadows even In darkness. No matter how Your head is turned, The love light will shine in. I wrote my quadrille on George Harrison and, “All Things Must… Continue reading dVerse — quadrille 100 — Talisman

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#MM — Saturday Mix — Love’s Return

  Love's Return Birds drift warm breezes, Calls echoing to each other, Then land on same branch. I listen for bells on sails Tinkling we'll be kissing soon. Clear skies, winds westward. My schooner flies towards harbor; Birds drift overhead. Bells tinkle like your laughter; Warm breezes touch like your sighs.   Sarah Weejars is… Continue reading #MM — Saturday Mix — Love’s Return

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#FF — Plugged in

PHOTO PROMPT © Dawn Miller “What do you think, Myrna?” Myrna sat hunched on the pastel green vinyl hospital rocker next to mother's bed, her hand resting softly on the woven cotton blanket covering her mother's inert foot. It had been six months on the respirator, with tube feedings, and no indicators of improvement. Doctors… Continue reading #FF — Plugged in

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#MM Saturday Mix – Opposing Forces

like dawn you crept in to mend these cracks with golden light this vessel again fit to hold a promise fulfilled with love's elixir drinking in brightest noon, thirsting as we entwined in toasts day waned and midnight fell, our restored cups clattering evermore breaking our once cupped hearts into red glittering shards that left… Continue reading #MM Saturday Mix – Opposing Forces

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Valentines Day Feature — Three Roses

Happy Valentine's Day All I've been trying to decide what angle to approach Valentines Day in my writing today. Valentines Day is a iconic celebration of love between two people. Not everyone has the blessings of being in reciprocal love with another person. It's difficult not to feel like you're missing out on this day… Continue reading Valentines Day Feature — Three Roses

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Thursday Inspiration 43 — free foxes

Rex and Velma had known each other since birth, being born in cages next to each other at the fur farm. Back then they didn't have names, only plastic tags with numbers stapled into their ears the moment they left their mothers' wombs. Farmer John had fox farming down to a science, and kindness played… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 43 — free foxes

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#MM Music Challenge — Soul Deep — George Harrison’s I’d Have you Anytime

Jim Adams is the dedicated host of Mindlovemisery's Menagerie Music Challenge.  Jim says: The challenge today is to focus on [Baby I Love Your Way] and use it for inspiration in any form of creative expression (including but not limited to short stories, a piece of flash fiction, poems, lyrics, artwork, photography, (etc.) that you… Continue reading #MM Music Challenge — Soul Deep — George Harrison’s I’d Have you Anytime

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dVerse — Sestina — Mists of Indigo

"Just Before Dawn" stumbling through realms of red doubting sight of morning's orange buoyed by kindness' bright yellow moments of respite in fields of green a will of iron drowning in regret's blue return again to mists of indigo a traveler, searching through indigo crystal hums with songs of red you, love, lying on wet… Continue reading dVerse — Sestina — Mists of Indigo