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dVerse — prosery — Night Feeders

In their dreams they sleep with the moon.--From Mary Oliver, “Death at Wind River” Once pampered, now refugees, at dawn they slink in grimy, forgotten shadows of Oldtown to their den until dusk falls. Their fortress is woven with plastic, glass, and metal discarded by the giver-of-treats who will never again pet their once-luxurious fur.… Continue reading dVerse — prosery — Night Feeders


PSA Covid-19 antibodies aka Convalescent Plasma Therapy

I talked with my younger son earlier this week.  He went to donate plasma and learned that nowadays when someone donates plasma they test for the presence of Covid-19 antibodies.  From what I have heard about the swab Covid-19 tests, they are extremely uncomfortable to have done.  If you want to learn if you've had… Continue reading PSA Covid-19 antibodies aka Convalescent Plasma Therapy