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#YPQ #4 Better to Know or Not?

Fandango has provoked us with yet another question.  This is the best one yet, imo. “Is it better to know or is it better to not know?”   Things it's better not to know: --How hot Charlie Hunnam looks in a suit image link Let's face it, he looks good in anything, or even nothing,… Continue reading #YPQ #4 Better to Know or Not?

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FPQ #3 — on morality

image link Fandango gives us another provocative question. “Is morality objective or is it subjective? If you believe it’s objective, what is its source. If you believe it’s subjective, how do you know whose concept of morality is correct? From the crystal ball (google), one definition of morality is “principles concerning the distinction between right… Continue reading FPQ #3 — on morality

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FPQ #2 — Intelligence or Wisdom?

image link Fandango's Provocative Question #2 is: “What do you think is more useful: intelligence or wisdom, and why do you feel that way?” Intelligence and wisdom are human attributes. One is fixed (unchanging) and one is dynamic (changing) . From my view, intelligence is a fixed, or unchanging aspect, much like eye or hair color;… Continue reading FPQ #2 — Intelligence or Wisdom?

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Who’s Your Man?

Fandango has posed the following provocative question: “If you could be the opposite sex for one day, what would you do?” My (Satur)day as a man. I'd love to wake up in the nude and go pee standing up AND LEAVE THE TOILET SEAT UP. Then head for the bedroom and put on some skivvies,… Continue reading Who’s Your Man?