Richa is the host of the Freedom of Expression Challenge.  Richa says: For my entry this week my theme is Chuck Palahniuk, my favorite author.  There will be book covers and quotes and other artwork. Marla Singer, a character from, "Fight Club" the book and the movie     book cover for Rant image link… Continue reading “FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION” Challenge! ART!

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Coloring Club Plus — 3/6/19

Daddy'z Breakdown is a Grand Rapids, MI band I was lucky enough to see when I went to a little place called Tip Top Deluxe to see another band playing that night.  I bought their CD, which they were selling at the show. I went back to see them the next time they played. This… Continue reading Coloring Club Plus — 3/6/19

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SoCS — art

Linda G. Hill's Stream of Consciousness Saturday's prompt is about art, either art on our home's wall or art in a museum. The art I choose to stream-of-consciousness on today are acrylic pour paintings I did last year. One of my friends heard about the class being held in a nearby art gallery. I watched… Continue reading SoCS — art

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FOWC The Walls of Gaudi

image link   Fandango's FOWC is wall. I will do a better post on this later, but last night I watched an hour-long documentary on Antoni Gaudi. Having a persistent, but novice interest in architecture, my aesthetic favor for ultimate architect is captured by Master Gaudi. This man can build a wall like no other,… Continue reading FOWC The Walls of Gaudi

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Examples of Finesse

image link -- Henri Matisse's, "Nude in a White Turban"   threading a needle while riding a bike * playing jenga on a unicycle * starting a fire on a first try * successful sourdough rise in mid-winter * getting hardboiled eggshell off in less than 10 seconds * tying a shoelace with one hand… Continue reading Examples of Finesse

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Poetry Day 27 — Nightwings

The prompt for today is:  What Color Is It?   Select a random noun. When you see an image of this person/place/thing, what color is it? Brainstorm the different ways the color can be described. Write a poem to help us see something in color through your eyes. Use an appropriately sourced and credited image of… Continue reading Poetry Day 27 — Nightwings

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K’un, the great fish

  Ellen Goodman interview of Ai Weiwei, including early life and going up to the present:   Exhibition now showing in L.A.: Exhibition now showing in L.A. 9/27/18 L.A. Times article on Ai Weiwei's exhibition now showing in L.A. Ai Weiwei drifting - art, awareness and the refugee crisis | DW Documentary:  … Continue reading K’un, the great fish

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When one goes to the carnival, they envision spending a few hours, or perhaps a day, enjoying the wondrous rides, food, and other attractions.  The Word of the Day fit right in with a book I recently borrowed from the local library,  Midwest Marvels: roadside attractions across Iowa, Minnesota, the Dakotas, and Wisconsin Thinking about… Continue reading Carnival