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FFFC 77 — heaven on earth

My parents wanted me to be an accountant. That made me blue. Instead I dreamed of palettes across the sky. College was not to be. I hitched a ride on the star of a Gypsy and we embarked on adventures only dreamers may travel. Across time zones, continents, and oceans we found ourselves in a… Continue reading FFFC 77 — heaven on earth

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #146 — As the pieces fly on angels’ wings and dVerse OLN

As the pieces fly Colors fill the sky Cubists like Georges Braque Paint their worlds with gaps Filled in with synapse Rainbow ports; keyless locks As the stanzas flow Colored images grow Poets paint with words that sing Meaning caught 'twixt lines Like found grapes 'twixt vines Feeling rise on angel's wings     https://youtu.be/Lzlc0-Mx0sk… Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #146 — As the pieces fly on angels’ wings and dVerse OLN

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First Photo Collage

I've been doing small 5"x8" for a few years now, and it's been more by intuition or intention on a subject.  This time I decided to try to create one by using a photograph and recreating it in a fashion using strips of paper.  I saw a photo that Kathleen Jennette posted awhile ago and… Continue reading First Photo Collage

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Collage: Two reapers and a castle

The other day I sat down with the boxes of assorted magazine cut-outs, separated by subject (animals, people, landscapes, things) with no idea in mind.  I suspended my brain and let intuition pick the pieces.  The collage put itself together, a piece at a time.  It was too big to scan so I took a… Continue reading Collage: Two reapers and a castle

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under the new moon — K.

The wonderfully talented artist/poet, Kerfe Roig, brightens my day with her worldview, as expressed through her art.  Please take a moment to enjoy today's offerings from her.   The day is dreary and cold. A passing subway train, nearly empty, rattles the window as I remove the screen. A few black umbrellas walk by. The… Continue reading under the new moon — K.

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Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park — part 3 of 3 — inside gardens

Please note:  I've changed the settings with this group of photos, where you can click the image link below each one and open it full size in a new window. There are different climate gardens at Meijer Gardens.  The arid garden has many types of cacti and other desert plants.  This one caught my eye… Continue reading Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park — part 3 of 3 — inside gardens

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Collage — Big Hair

Kerfe's been encouraging me to get back to my artwork.  My primary medium is 5" x 8" paper collage.  I pulled out the magazine clippings tonight.  Usually it takes a long time to find the right images to go together, but tonight, these picked themselves.  I took a pic with the phone camera as usual,… Continue reading Collage — Big Hair

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Carlin Diaz: Saucy psychedelic animation — Canadian Art Junkie

I watched these last night and was mesmerized by them.  They are SPECTACULAR! https://player.vimeo.com/video/68229620?dnt=1&app_id=122963 These animated illustrations are gems, showcasing the talent of Carlín Díaz, a Venezuelan graphic artist and animation director living in Paris. His portfolio covers a wide variety of art, but these videos most clearly show off his saucy, psychedelic style. via Carlin… Continue reading Carlin Diaz: Saucy psychedelic animation — Canadian Art Junkie



Richa is the host of the Freedom of Expression Challenge.  Richa says: For my entry this week my theme is Chuck Palahniuk, my favorite author.  There will be book covers and quotes and other artwork. Marla Singer, a character from, "Fight Club" the book and the movie     book cover for Rant image link… Continue reading “FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION” Challenge! ART!

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Coloring Club Plus — 3/6/19

Daddy'z Breakdown is a Grand Rapids, MI band I was lucky enough to see when I went to a little place called Tip Top Deluxe to see another band playing that night.  I bought their CD, which they were selling at the show. I went back to see them the next time they played. This… Continue reading Coloring Club Plus — 3/6/19