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Tale Weaver #208 – Collapse –31st January

Michael is the host of Mindlove's Misery Menagerie for today's Tale Weaver.  Michael says: This week consider the notion of collapse. What does it mean to you? Intro:  When I think of collapse I think of the end point in a temporal deterioration. In order to have a temporal deterioration, it suggests a structure of… Continue reading Tale Weaver #208 – Collapse –31st January

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dVerse Rubaiyat: The Beauty of a Fork in the Road

John Sloane, "North Country Christmas" UPDATE ON 2/10/19:  I have been working on on the rubaiyat after receiving excellent feedback.  To all who have contributed feedback thank you very much, especially Nora.  I decided to change the title for one.  For another  I added another stanza, which meant some lines had to be switched around. … Continue reading dVerse Rubaiyat: The Beauty of a Fork in the Road

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The Dark Crystals of the Blood Wolf Moon

image link Fandango's FOWC is heretic, and the Word of the Day Challenge is zenith. The Global Resistance Interdimensional Movement (GRIM) had a plan. After years of meeting in chapters across the planet and communicating with other chapters on satellite-linked videochats, they finally had the grand plan in place. King Joffery and his Evil Cohort… Continue reading The Dark Crystals of the Blood Wolf Moon


Institutionalized soul murder. — Lucky Otters Haven

After watching Season 2 of "The Handmaid's Tale" and writing about it recently, when I read Lucky Otter's essay on totalitarianism and the trends of real life going on in relationship to it, I wanted to share it.  It's important we face where we are.  The title is apt. “If you’ve been following me for… Continue reading Institutionalized soul murder. — Lucky Otters Haven

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Learn Narcissist in 5 Minutes for FREE — An Upturned Soul

An Upturned Soul wrote about toxic narcissists and telling the truth.  Her essay -- and graphics -- were so articulate and focused that I wanted to share them.  For anyone who hasn't dealt with a narcissist before, this is how it is. So you want to learn Narcissist in 5 minutes for free. Okay. The… Continue reading Learn Narcissist in 5 Minutes for FREE — An Upturned Soul

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January Coloring Club — 1/31/19

Well, here we are at the last day of January.  I successfully colored one picture a day.  Towards the end I started adding a youtube of a song from the album I was listening to at the time of the coloring.  It is isn't certain I will keep going beyond today with it or not. … Continue reading January Coloring Club — 1/31/19

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50 Word Thursday — Spring Break

image link Kristian is the host of this week's 50 Word Thursday.  Kristian alternates Thursdays with Teresa. Together they make a dynamic duo in giving prompts that inspire first class fiction. If you like writing short fiction, please consider writing some for this prompt! The rules 1 Completed piece must be in multiples of 50 words… Continue reading 50 Word Thursday — Spring Break

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#YPQ 12 — The Exaggerator

Here it is, Wednesday, and Fandango is back with another of those pesky provocative questions: “How do you feel about people who always seem to exaggerate when relating a story? Do you equate embellishment with lying? As a blogger, when, if ever, is stretching the truth, other than when writing fiction, permissible?” I have no… Continue reading #YPQ 12 — The Exaggerator

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January Coloring Club — 1/30/19

Yesterday's song was from Dutch Henry.  Today's song is from the bass player from Dutch Henry, Mitch Wood, and his new band, Diff & Dudley.  They are old style country.  I love the lyrics and Mitch's voice, not to mention the rest of the song.  "Here's Diff & Dudley" was released in 2017.