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Thursday Inspiration 40 and dVerse OLN — Lead on

I dreamed you, sinews stretched beneath silky fur, leading me, jumping, lean muscles rippling, towards the jungle.     Today's poem is in shadorma form. Paula Light is the host of Thursday Inspiration.  Paula says: This week’s theme is jump and the picture is [above.]  Here is the song snippet from “Jump” recorded by the… Continue reading Thursday Inspiration 40 and dVerse OLN — Lead on

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FTS – The Forgotten Island 2020- # 3

The Forgotten Island Sadje has tagged me to continue this story.   Teresa started the story: Night had fallen on the Atlantic, James and Patrick leaned back against the barrels and ropes, looking up at the night sky. “Did you ever think we’d see this?” James smiled. “Not in a million years. Always figured the… Continue reading FTS – The Forgotten Island 2020- # 3

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#FF — last dessert

It was Lana's second week at the hospice center. Her loss of appetite didn't help her choke down small bits of the ill-prepared special diet prescribed for her condition. The morphine drip eased the pain but it didn't kill her craving for one more bowl of butter pecan ice cream. Jimmy promised he'd bring some,… Continue reading #FF — last dessert

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Cat Talk: The divide is closing

Mlady                                   Dotty Dotty has been with us for about 12 weeks now.  Mlady has gone through a whole range of adjustment issues, where Dotty has been trying to stay out of her way.  At first I thought I would just let them work it out between themselves, but when I saw a scratch on Dotty's… Continue reading Cat Talk: The divide is closing

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Have You Too Much Shame? — DemCast

This is also connected to the one I just posted about the MI Senators.  It started with Lucido's harassment of a news reporter at the Capitol Building in Lansing speaking about it, which in turn led Senator McMorrow to speak out about her experience with the same Senator (Lucido) This type of toxic masculinity will… Continue reading Have You Too Much Shame? — DemCast

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MI State Senator speaking out against sexual harassment. YOU GO GIRL!

Michigan Sen. Mallory McMorrow talks sexual harassment complaint against Sen. Peter Lucido.   https://youtu.be/y7qgbpZ232w   Read more about it here.   I can't say how much I admire Senator McMorrow for speaking out.  Everything she says in this video about the ongoing "little things" that women are expected to shoulder as part of being in… Continue reading MI State Senator speaking out against sexual harassment. YOU GO GIRL!

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#Haikai Challenge #122: The Dream

Rainbow lollypops -- each one licked by a pink tongue – small hands, many hues     Grandmothers rocking watching their grandbabies play long summer sunshine     My warm arm rests next to your warm arm, at peace – love is colorblind     Race checkbox erased demographics refashioned This dream can come true… Continue reading #Haikai Challenge #122: The Dream

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dVerse — Shhhh! — Seven Secrets

Seven Secrets Delicious assignations, tantalizing tawdriness Betrayal, concealment, smoldering silence Midnight raids, candy corn amongst socks Headlights off, on to 7-11; gobbling, puking Under the table trading, permits to polluters Cayman billions, rotting soldiers in trenches Fat feet propped on desks, unoiled machines Undotted “I”s, forgotten “T”s Unseen bruises, battered worth, stalking Passive-aggressive pot shots,… Continue reading dVerse — Shhhh! — Seven Secrets

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Movies, Movies, Movies #21 January 21, 2020

Tom Jones (1963) (no not the singer!)  (quote above is from the movie) Starring: Albert Finney, Susannah York, Hugh Griffith, Edith Evans, Joan Greenwood, Diane Cilento, George Devine, David Tomlinson, Rosalind Atkinson, Angela Baddeley, Avis Bunnage, Julian Glover, Joyce Redman, Peter Bull, Lynn Redgrave, Michael Brennan, Patsy Rowlands, George A. Cooper, Mark Dignam, Freda Jackson,… Continue reading Movies, Movies, Movies #21 January 21, 2020