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Wolf Blood Moon Eclipse Plus…

I started taking these at 11pm and about every 15 minutes.  The last one was at 11:40. It's 11:52 right now and it is a dark red/rust color not showing up on the camera. The creamy goddess slowly pulls up her red shroud while we watch in awe. * The following offering was done using… Continue reading Wolf Blood Moon Eclipse Plus…

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image link The Word of the Day Challenge is gratitude. Passage from Robert Heinlein's book, Stranger in a Strange Land, on the topic of gratitude: “Sit back down—and for God’s sake quit trying to be as nasty as I am; you don’t have my years of practice. Now let me get something straight: you are… Continue reading gratitude

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tangled up in tryst

The Tryst (1840) Jean-Leon Gerome Fandango's One Word Challenge's selection today is tryst.  Today's offering is a series of senryu .   as he closed the door to the room, he broke one heart and burst another * dark end of the street where lust and betrayal rise unholy phoenix * “working late tonight” cliched… Continue reading tangled up in tryst

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Poetry Day 12 — Lunch with Mom

Part of OctPoWriMo prompt today talks about tortured in the context of love, where, "Torture is defined as 'the action or practice of inflicting severe pain on someone as a punishment or to force them to do or say something, or for the pleasure of the person inflicting the pain.' "  One of the suggested… Continue reading Poetry Day 12 — Lunch with Mom