red pine prayers (senryu)

Red pine fingers reachoffer praise in willow’s churchin a too blue world

Art-ificially Yours — Tonight’s Dessert

Ima finish this song, then comes dessert.  Can you guess who’s chosen tonight? Picasso Piano Tiger AI image with Bing by Paula Light Paula Light is the host of Art-ificially Yours.

Tanka Tuesday 303 — Sage Senryu Series

  Sage way of being:textured, muted color, one’ssubtle flavor smiles. Sage rests in the sunyet open to being plucked —time has no meaning. Sage, pleasing contrastto grounded, mud origins,rises to the sky. Sage: plucked, dried, and cut,swims in warm spaghetti seas;inhaled, then consumed. Colleen Chesebro is the host of Tanka Tuesday.  Colleen says:This week’s challenge…

dVerse — OLN 329 — kousa promise

Green cornstarch circle holds kousa promise fulfilled – my prayers answered. Prayers don’t always have to be for big things. Two autumns ago I gathered fruits from the kousa dogwood tree I discovered at my dentist’s office and saved the pits. I planted them this spring in pots and put the pots outside. These two…

dVerse — Poetics — Ekphrastic senryu

twirling in freedom sick child dances in heaven parents weep at grave Right now I’m reading George Saunders’ 2017 novel, “Lincoln in the Bardo,” which revolves around Abraham’s son, Willie’s, death as a child and how Willie finds himself in a purgatory-type place called  Bardo.  Seeing this image immediately made me think of Willie Lincoln….

weak links

fall afternoon gunshots shatter quiet bare trees stand heaven listens not surprised; still mystified human death fetish pop… pop… pop… pop… trigger finger tires city boy drives home top image:  “Betrayal,” by Mario Sanchez Nevado It’s happening with more frequency.  The next door neighbor sold a small piece of property on the other side of…

dVerse — Poetics — “I Had the Craziest Dream”

Shoulda never atechocolate-dipped ghost peppersbefore bed last night. Snuggled, curled, drifting…I had the craziest dream!Me, a mop-topped bug. My mates and I, dressedin slick black suits, up on stagesinging our hearts out. Birds flocked, flapped, screamed.Unreal, we finished and bowedat the waist, smiling. Morning now, awakeI can’t wait to tell my matesNew way to get…