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A2Z April 2019 Reflections

Participation 2019 is my first year participating in the A2Z Blogging Challenge. I am already used to posting at least a couple of posts a day, so I felt fairly confident in being able to post once a day for A2Z.  Yes, I was on the master list.  Yes, I do plan on participating in… Continue reading A2Z April 2019 Reflections

A2Z 2019

A2Z — Z — Ziggurat

Welcome to Day 26 of the A2Z 2019 Challenge. It's been quite the ride. I've enjoyed researching for my entries. I've also enjoyed surfing others' blogs for their entries. I've made a few friends along the way. I do plan on participating again next year. For anyone who did not participate, I would encourage you… Continue reading A2Z — Z — Ziggurat

A2Z 2019

A2Z April 2019 — Y — Pythagorean Y

The above graphic  of the Pythagorean Y was created by Geoffroy Tory born in Bourges around 1480 and died in Paris before 14 October 1533. He was a French humanist and an engraver, best known for adding accents on letters in French. His life's work has heavily influenced French publishing to this day. The Pythagorean… Continue reading A2Z April 2019 — Y — Pythagorean Y

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A2Z April 2019 — X — X

  Today's entry, like yesterday's, will direct you to a website that is chock full of information about the potent symbol that is X.  It's a Psychology Today article by Leon Seltzer, PhD. What is ironic to me is that, even though there are probably fewer "x" words in the dictionary than any other, the… Continue reading A2Z April 2019 — X — X

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A2Z April 19 — W — Wheel

  I don't want to reinvent the wheel, as I found an excellent page that has covered every aspect of wheel that I can think of and more. The page is from the Reverse Speech blog here. Instead of pulling from here and pulling from there, my post today will be my reflection on wheels… Continue reading A2Z April 19 — W — Wheel

A2Z 2019

A2Z April 2019 — V — Vertical Line

Vertical line stands for one person. Vertical lines represent one person It is a basic phallic symbol. Phallic monument From Alchemy Zodiac Secret: The vertical line signifies the soul striving for union and the divine. Man, alone in the animal kingdom, stands upright, so the vertical line represents the physical symbol of the number One,… Continue reading A2Z April 2019 — V — Vertical Line

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A2Z April 2019 — U — Uraeus

Uraeus From Isiopolis In ancient Egyptian art, the cobra is most often represented as the uraeus, the fiercely protective serpent seen guarding the foreheads of Deities, kings, and queens. As the uraeus, the cobra is a positive presence, a symbol of the power and protection of the Deities. Uraeus is a Latinized version of the… Continue reading A2Z April 2019 — U — Uraeus

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A2Z April 2019 — T — Triangle

Triangle is 3-sided so it represents the number 3. The triangle is synonymous with light. What's Your Sign says: All the mystic teachings incorporate the power of three within their folds. Three represents the union of the numbers prior to it (One and Two). Numerologically speaking, if One represents force, and Two represents an opening,… Continue reading A2Z April 2019 — T — Triangle

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A2Z April 2019 — S — Square

The square is the first shape invented by humans. It symbolizes: --the created universe --earth and the 4 elements --the 4 corners of the earth It is a stable, unmoving shape. Temples and holy buildings are square and align with the 4 points of the compass. Squares define limits and boundaries. From Learn Religions Materiality… Continue reading A2Z April 2019 — S — Square

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A2Z April 2019 — R — Rebis

The Rebis (from the Latin res bina, meaning dual or double matter) is the end product of the alchemical magnum opus or great work. After one has gone through the stages of putrefaction and purification, separating opposing qualities, those qualities are united once more in what is sometimes described as the divine hermaphrodite, a reconciliation… Continue reading A2Z April 2019 — R — Rebis