Snow in May

I am expecting rain today; looking out, I see cottonwood snow.

Doodads — walk around yard 050523

Today the sliders and a window are open and it’s 70+ F in the house.  The sun has been shining all day.  Glory be!  I took a quick stroll around the yard and also had a mini-adventure. CLICK ON CAPTIONS TO SEE LARGER IMAGES

Earth Day 2023 EcoTrek Fitness, Happy Little Trees 5K Walk

Cari Draft, my fitness guru and founder of EcoTrek Fitness, leading the Earth Day Walk at Hoffmaster(that’s me lollygagging behind [i.e. struggling to keep up] with Cari’s husband, Jeff) Several months ago I saw the Happy Little Trees program through the State of MI DNR and that they were having a 5K for Earth Day. …

Dawn Redwood: The Adventure Begins — 2/1/23 update: first sprout!

Last year I started following a facebook group, “Big Trees Michigan.”  It was there that I learned about the sequoia trees living in Manistee. About a month ago, someone posted a picture of a Dawn Redwood tree living in Michigan and again was flabbergasted. As if that wasn’t enough, the mother of a friend, who…

#FF — Street Life

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields As seeds we’re imprisoned from the moment we’re released from our mothers’ branches. Pressed by rough fingers into prepared medium in small plastic squares, our sprouted roots escape through drainage holes to touch our kins’. As seedlings we are shifted to larger squares until mature enough to be burlap-sacked. For…

POPO2022 day 3 — trees

once upon a time they may have footed about but now they stand, still once upon a time they walked tall, leaves shimmering happy, green nomads they footed about ’til every place was seen, their kingdom surveyed but now they stand, still digging deep with mirrored roots, our friendly neighbors

dVerse — OLN 322 — double tanka prose

Last year, after careful research, planning, acquisition, and planting, the larch tree settled into its space in the back yard next to the ginkgo. Both trees were given extra water until fall. It kept the larch stress-free and made a big difference in the growth of the ginkgo this year. Both trees have been lush…