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Poetry Day 14 — If I Were Me

Part of the prompts for today's OctPoWriMo I chose to follow are, "If I Were Me" and a shape poem.   It probably won't show up as a tree on small screens!   An oak tree takes hundreds, if not thousands, of years to grow from an acorn and into a mature tree. Nobody questions it.… Continue reading Poetry Day 14 — If I Were Me

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The Daily Prompt — Neighbors

image link   In the little red house across the alley behind my house, and next to the vacant lot, lived an older woman who routinely complained that we needed to trim branches of the oak trees that crossed our shared property line.  Checking with city ordinances, we learned that she was free to trim… Continue reading The Daily Prompt — Neighbors

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The ‘Big Tree’ that Survived Hurricane Harvey

Trees are my friends. I have had a love affair with trees going since I was a small child. I regularly climbed the Stanley plum tree in my back yard. Our laundry was hung on lines strung between two oaks -- in both our yard and in my grandparents' yard. There was a spindly looking… Continue reading The ‘Big Tree’ that Survived Hurricane Harvey