The Sunday Muse #149 and earthweal OLW #58 — Beyond the veil

light shines, filteredthrough a chlorophyllic matrix,conningmy plant eyes. swayingwith hope, rooted as static beckons,i seebeyond moss crepe sheetsa placewhere fresh air playsbeyondalgal curtains andrank gloom. the green mirror’sdispelledshattered shards rise,redeemed,twirling in the brightreborn. I’ve only used Candace Kubinec’s form, the Waltmarie, one other time but like it so much I am using it again here….

dVerse — MTB — A moss-covered path

Padding spongy moss, I inhale humus air to where our love playedA tunePine canopy dapples flicker as old movies play. Warbler’s songLifts me.Wait, am I dreaming or is that your laughter I hear? My breath isTethered,I see you and she, lazily languishing, your eyes twinkling into hers.Clingingillusions de-clutter; I wish you well as I turn…