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1952 Vincent Black Lightning

image linkimage link Years ago a friend of mine gave me a mix tape with this song on it.  It tells a burning love story that has no end.  The kind of love that usually crashes and burns. One day in 2006 I met my "young James".  'Tis true, my heart did thump at remembering… Continue reading 1952 Vincent Black Lightning

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The ‘Big Tree’ that Survived Hurricane Harvey

Trees are my friends. I have had a love affair with trees going since I was a small child. I regularly climbed the Stanley plum tree in my back yard. Our laundry was hung on lines strung between two oaks -- in both our yard and in my grandparents' yard. There was a spindly looking… Continue reading The ‘Big Tree’ that Survived Hurricane Harvey

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  Our boss, once a year, bequeaths us three days at a conference, hours north from an already northern place. It’s a luxury resort, off-season rates, and the run of the place. Folks from around the state convene, joined by a common profession. We speak the same language, we laugh at the same jokes. Vendors… Continue reading Pearl’s

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i spy

image link This is how it started.  A few months ago I ordered a lovely peony root from  Jung's sends the root when it is time to be planted.  The plan at the time of ordering was to put it in back in a open square where the rest of the peonies live.  I… Continue reading i spy

The Hobbit · Tolkien


image link It's been many moons since reading Tolkien's, The Hobbit, The Trilogy, and The Silmarillion, and not quite so long since seeing 3 of the 4 films made so far.  I remember how pivotal, Sting, the shortsword first re-found by Gandalf, given to Bilbo, then later handed off to his nephew Frodo, was to… Continue reading Sting


The Crows Come at Sunset

Came across this lovely poem today. Perfect encapsulation of an often-scorned, often-dismissed, but wise critter, the crow.

Poet's Corner


From all corners of the sky

Black silhouettes winging together as a noisy flock

On their way to their secret destination

Which I long to know

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Egg dances with sperm; a clump of cells grows into a babyme. Babyme is born and leaves the hospital, with daddy and mommy, just married. Daddy works at the factory; mommy cooks and cleans, changes diapers, feeds and cares for babyme. Birthdays come and birthdays go. Lots of pictures taken and lots of presents given.… Continue reading Recreate

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photo link Monarch Queen, I discovered you yesterday afternoon, motionless, along the roadside. Using a stick, I hoped you would cling to it, so you could be transported to safer ground.  It felt as if you did, although weakly, and so I gingerly lifted you onto the plastic bag holding the new phone book. Knowing… Continue reading Monarch

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image link Walking into the private military club in the small town a half-hour north, my old middle-school friend, who said I would know her by the poppies on her shirt, jumped up to greet us.  We’d reconnected after bumping into each other at the store a while ago and traded facebook handles.  She’d invited… Continue reading Peculiar

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A couple of weeks ago, when we went to Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park , I saw an orchid wrapped in what looked like birch bark hanging from something and in beautiful bloom (why didn’t I take a picture of it?).  I had known before that tropical orchids naturally live on trees so seeing it… Continue reading Orchids