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dVerse — Pantoum — Day Sailors

image link Another "imperfect" pantoum for dVerse. The pantoum is based on sailing experiences I've had. Gliding mute along the water We set sail with gentle winds Ripples on the ocean's daughter Feeling warm air brush our skins * We set sail with gentle winds Dragon clouds across the sky Feeling warm air brush our… Continue reading dVerse — Pantoum — Day Sailors

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Chauncey — An introduction

You've heard me talk about my dog, Chauncey, who passed away back in 2016.  Up until recently all of my pictures of him were on another (bad) hard drive and on facebook, which I haven't gone to for at least a month and probably longer.  FB was deactivated until I could get my many pictures… Continue reading Chauncey — An introduction

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SoCS Northern Exposure

Linda G. Hill says: Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “television.” Talk about your favorite show, past, present, or future, or about the apparatus itself. Enjoy! TV is such a pervasive part of US culture that it almost seems like it is part of the family. Kurt Vonnegut wrote about The… Continue reading SoCS Northern Exposure

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d’Verse — Confessional

image link Anmol is our host of d'Verse this evening.  He has challenged us with: So, the Poetics challenge today is to write a confessional verse in the style of any of these poets or write something which plays with the ideas expressed here — to put your regrets, your guilts, your sins, your humanity,… Continue reading d’Verse — Confessional

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Underdog’s Riddle

image link Fandango's FOWC is underdog, and the Word of the Day Challenge is riddle. Today's post is inspired not only by the challenge words but by my experience at karaoke last night. My friend called and asked me to figure out who had karaoke so I did the google and gave her 3 places… Continue reading Underdog’s Riddle

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#FPQ 8 Last brand new experience

Fandango's Provocative Question #8 is: “When was the last time you did something for the very first time? What was it that you did?” Well I could go on at length about the experience of retiring for the first time, but I'm too busy living it to want to talk about it. Instead I will… Continue reading #FPQ 8 Last brand new experience

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dverse poet’s pub — The Librarian

image link Merril is the hostess of the first dverse poet's pub of 2019. Her prompt today: So, today, I want you to consider time and space and what if? What if you–or someone else—or some THING else–took that less or more-traveled path? Would it make a difference? Will it make a difference? Look backward,… Continue reading dverse poet’s pub — The Librarian

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Plumbing and Potential

I have had two plumbing technicians out to the house during 2018. The first one was in the summer and the second one was on Friday. The first one was to figure out why the sewage was backing up into the house. The second one was to do a seasonal inspection of my furnace. Please… Continue reading Plumbing and Potential

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Iron Mike

image link Today's Word of the Day Challenge is boxing.   Fandango's FOWC is caricature. I've always been both fascinated and repelled by boxing athlete and celebrity, Mike Tyson. From what I learned about him, he was living a rough life before being “discovered” by a boxing coach counselor while he was in a residential treatment… Continue reading Iron Mike

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I’m getting better

My ex-husband put himself through nursing school by working as an orderly at a hospital. He worked the psych unit and the ER as an orderly and did over 30 years as an ER nurse. He saw a lot of psych patients over that time. His expertise helped me once, when I had a bad… Continue reading I’m getting better