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Song Lyric Sunday — Danny Boy

image link and more info about the song Although there were several good choices for Song Lyric Sunday's theme of boys, I chose this one.  My firstborn is named after it and it is one that makes me cry every time I hear it sung right. Joe Feeney, who sang many beautiful Irish tunes on… Continue reading Song Lyric Sunday — Danny Boy

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#SoCS Music(als) from 1970

I didn't live far from one of the first big department stores in the area from the age of 10 to 16. My best friend and I would walk the couple of blocks to it at least once a day, sometimes multiple times. It had everything, a snack bar, shoe repair, ice cream shop, clothing,… Continue reading #SoCS Music(als) from 1970

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SoCS — Old Hen

Stream of Conscious Saturday -- ma Ma is what my mom and her sibs called their mother, my grandma. When I tried to call her ma she jumped all over my case and wouldn't hear of me or my sibs using that term. We were expected to call her mom. Nothing else would do. She… Continue reading SoCS — Old Hen

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memory of the lake

image link I tried to remember the tactility of a day at the beach as a child.  * summer at the small inland lake soft fleece blanket lays on the warm sand anchored with the cooler and our flip flops pulling off tank tops and shorts warm breeze tickles the hair on our arms and… Continue reading memory of the lake

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Mean Streets

When someone hears the expression mean streets what exactly goes through their mind? If they've never lived on them they will have to use their imaginations. If they have, they have enough packaged memories of them to last many lifetimes. I was one of the ones who did. Dirt poor, lots of kids in our… Continue reading Mean Streets

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At 60

image link At 60 * Every morning, for 42 years, his coffee waits, steaming. Every night, dinner, hot, waiting on dining room table. Every bedtime, she lies, motionless, while above her he thrusts and grunts. * 42 years ago, her mother was a living icon to how it's done Hours before the vows, she gave… Continue reading At 60

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image link He surveys his domain with pale, baleful eyes, head jerking here and there at every shift in wind and sky, ready to rip and tear. He struts from end to end, fluffed feathers, comb flapping to and fro, confirming the scope of his harem, crowing with every fiber of his ten-pound body. They,… Continue reading Imperious

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image link   You’ve heard fake it 'til you make it? Where you pretend you’re caring Human, empathetic, a good listener, Monogamous, drug-free, eating single portions. It’s practice, they say, try on the role, And one day you’ll get the golden trophy. It takes time, they say, things worth having Are worth working for.  Time… Continue reading Depot