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Earthweal OLW 6 — Failed experiment

A convention center in Wuhan, China, converted into a temporary hospital, Feb. 6, 2020. Reading Brendan's essay about how things with the weather are speeding up and getting stronger, along with the photo he used showing the beds lining up in a convention center turned hospital in Wuhan, China for the viral epidemic going on,… Continue reading Earthweal OLW 6 — Failed experiment

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photo link Monarch Queen, I discovered you yesterday afternoon, motionless, along the roadside. Using a stick, I hoped you would cling to it, so you could be transported to safer ground.  It felt as if you did, although weakly, and so I gingerly lifted you onto the plastic bag holding the new phone book. Knowing… Continue reading Monarch


Gentle on my mind

The first time hearing Glen Campbell was on an album, I believe, Gentle on My Mind.  My mom belonged to a record club and this one was one of many old style country (back then it was modern country) LPs in her collection.  I listened to this album over and over again, visualizing the open… Continue reading Gentle on my mind